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Who is Cheaphostr
Cheaphostr.com is owned and operated by computer experts and software experts, coders and business people. Our staff have degrees in Bachelor Of Technology from recognised Universities (not online degrees!).
Others have expertise in customisations, eg: css styling.
We also have experts in graphic design: Logos, buttons, banners etc.
And one member with a business degree.
Another with expert level seo.
In a nutshell we’re a team with all the bases covered.
Cheaphostr.com was started for our own benefit, a group of tech savvy experts needing webhosting. We scoured the internet looking at all the offers from other webhosting companies, ie: their hosting plans, what they give you, what they don’t give you, and all the extra prices they charged for extra services, like emails, or more space on their server (gb), or extra costs involved in whois protection on a domain name, or antitheft locks, or exhorbitant costs of SSL certificates.
And that wasn’t all. To open a website means you need a script, which you either have to make yourself (write the codes) or buy, or find one that is free, open source and will actually do what you want it to do, and most importantly does NOT have any “bugs” in it.
As a group we decided the only way we were going to find this type of hosting was to do it ourselves so that’s what we did. We then set out to find all the components required for what should be in any good hosting package and built cheaphostr.com
Initially cheaphostr.com was for our own selves, used for our own websites. In the case of our coders, they required a hosting platform where they could build websites online for clients and allow the clients to view the work as it was being built and completed, and to view it in working order before accepting the work as completed.
Others required to show clients graphics work.
We definately needed our own email addresses.
Before long we were being asked by family, friends, neighbours, work associates for hosting under our services. And why not? We had the best of everything, all in one place!
Cheaphostr.com offers the same plans we built for ourselves to you.
So, if you require a simple single page website for a squeeze page, or a simple 5-10 page business site, or a fully fledged ecommerce site, or totally unlimited hosting with thousands of sites under ONE plan for one price, or a VPS site to operate like the big boys with video streaming, look no further.
ALL of our plans are built around USAGE type, meaning they are built for a specific type of usage. Eg: Our ecommerce hosting plan comes with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, free Dedicated IP, unlimited FTP and email accounts, and a free ecommerce script WITH free setup and installation by cheaphostr experts! Or in other words, it comes complete with everything you need to host an ecommerce site, cheaper than anywhere else, with only one payment once per year!
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