Cheap Domain Names or free domain with hosting. Cheap Domains come with free whois privacy protection, free domain lock, free email accounts. Free transfers for TLD, free mailing list, free auto-responders, free redirects, free parking.
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Everything included and no more to pay!
Your cheap domain that you purchase elsewhere isn’t cheap if your provider is charging you extra for any services.
All domains hosted at are FULL service domain hosting with all extra inclusions free!
We DON’T hook you in by offering you a 1 cent purchase deal and then force you to pay higher premiums for every year after OR make you pay extra for whois protection, domain name theft locks or email accounts or parking or anything else!
Your domain name key is FREELY available for your viewing in your admin area, we don’t hide it away or insist on you contacting our support to find it.


Most cheaphostr hosting plans have a free domain name included in your hosting. Cheaphostr pays for your domain name and its renewal for every year you are hosted with us.
The domain name is owned by you and registered in your name or your business name. You are free to transfer in or out anytime you like.
Free domain names are not available with BUDGET hosting plan or VPS plans. All other plans DO have a free domain name, and our Unlimited MAXI plan includes fifteen free domain names (from standard TLD names, ie: Does not include “boutique” extensions, but will include all usual domain extensions such as com, net, org, us, and standard country extension such as etc)


Free transfers are available on standard TLD names with hosting accounts. This means will PAY FOR the transfer fee which also INCLUDES your next years registration fee FROM the date that you transfer to our hosting.
Free transfers are also available for your full website. This is a service where support will either help you to backup and move all your sites, or if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, we will do it for you.
Please note free domain name transfer is available for VPS 30gb plan but not available on 20gb plan.
FREE DOMAINS available with hosting, or free transfers of existing domains to hosting plans:
International domains (your website is listed on all search engines worldwide)
Country only domains (your website will only be found on search engines in your OWN country). These are NOT recommended if you wish to do business globally (sell products worldwide or promote your business, or yourself, worldwide eg: motels, tourist attractions, online stores etc. personal eg: artists, performers etc) = don’t cut yourself or your business off from international trade!
uk (minimum 2 year purchase) (minimum 2 year purchase)
Note: Minimum purchase criteria is set by ICAAN and NOT by cheaphostr.
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To find your perfect domain name you should first read how to choose a domain name.
Once you have decided on a domain name you have two options:
1. purchase the domain name WITHOUT hosting.
2. Purchase the domain name WITH hosting.
IMPORTANT: IF you will be purchasing hosting it is important that you do not purchase the domain name first and then purchase hosting next. Your FREE domain name will be added to your hosting during the order process. If you have already purchased a domain name you will only be able to “transfer” the name to use with your hosting account. Refunds are NOT possible. If you accidently do this, your domain name will be transfered to your hosting account however cheaphostrs ONLY option is to add your domain as paid for 2 years instead of 1 year (as you would have paid for 1 years registration by purchasing it first. Cheaphostr pays your domain registration and renewals for all years that your domain is hosted with us.
With hosting
If you are purchasing hosting to use WITH your domains OR you already have a cheaphostr account, you should purchase from THIS LINK.
Most cheaphostr webhosting plans come with a free domain (from the above list) and the domain is included in your hosting plan.
Simply choose the hosting plan that best suits you and you will be able to choose a new domain name or transfer your existing domain name during the order process.
Without hosting, free parking, or emails only
If you wish to purchase the domain WITHOUT hosting, to be parked (for free), saved for later use, or to be used only for your personal emails, business emails, or enterprise email accounts (eg:, you should purchase them HERE at THIS LINK.
To transfer a domain you already own to cheaphostr to be used with hosting, or to be used for free parking or a free email account, business mails or enterprise mails, you should use the same links
Links to domain tools:
domain name search – search up to 15 domain names at a time, check what is available from all domain extensions.
Select View all from this page to see a full list of domain extensions available
Prices – See a full list of all domain extensions available and see our current prices.
INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN NAMES IDN – view a list of available domain names that will allow the use of special characters from international language alphabets and characters. IDNs allow your website to be found on search engines in ALL countries internationally and not just on search engines in your own country or region.
Domain Name Suggestion Tool – use our domain name suggestion tool to find available domain names for your website. Simply enter a few keywords and be given a list of available domains using those keywords and closely related keywords, and different extensions available.
For cheaphostr members only:
Cheaphostr members are offered cheaper prices on our already cheap prices for the bulk registration of domain names, or the bulk transfering of domain names to cheaphostr.
Cheaphostr maintains two separate areas for members
For hosted accounts
For domains only

Cheaphostr Accounts are FREE

If purchasing domains in bulk, or transfering domains to cheaphostr in bulk you can save money by creating an account at
Bulk domain purchases
Bulk domain transfers
Domain name purchases and transfers are cheaper from
Please note that you CAN purchase from, or transfer domain names to domains.cheaphostr and use them in any hosting account.
You can also purchase domains from your hosting accounts user portal for use with your hosting account.
For a wider selection of domain extensions use
more info here:
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