Fully hosted Drag and drop website. Free website hosting and free emails included. Free themes, fully customisable, no coding required. Free Images, blog, personal, business, ecommerce, music, video and slideshows. 5gb diskspace unlimited bandwidth.

180+ readymade prebuilt 100% responsive themes. Simple one click install. Choose your theme, click install and you’re instantly online.

Add components to your site page by a simple drag and drop interface. You can choose to add your component to a single page, or to all site pages.

NO CODING required. Editing is as simple as writing an email. Purpose built for non-coders!

Designs include full page, left sidebar, right sidebar or two sidebars left and right.

Fully editable for colors and design with full access to css and html codes.

Includes full seo access and addition of <head> meta codes and java.

Statistics – view visitor information, and page information, see how many visitors you have had to your website and each page, see the links that they used to click through to your site and more.

NO ads or sitemarkings by host = no footer links or branding.

Add logos, favicons.

Free Image Library included with over 85,000 free images to use on your website.

Easy to add Dedicated IP and SSL for ecommerce sites.

Full BLOG included, use or dont use!

readymade websites

Great for all website types, and including resume websites = add all your info and provide links to prospective employers. Information can be updated at any time.
Great for short term websites – weddings, house sales = demo your whole property! Let buyers see every room from every angle. Events = school functions, gala days, music festivals, fundraising events etc
Artist and Musician sites = video players and music players, youtube embeds, slideshows, ecommerce components for selling merchandise and tickets. Build mailing lists and more.

Our Website Builder plans are fully hosted.

We host it for you so you dont need to do anything but add information to your website. This means there’s no control panel to setup. It’s all done for you!
Our website builder plans have FREE hosting included and ten free email accounts.
All you have to do is log into your user area and write texts and add images!


Content Components

  • sprite Text/Content block (html editor with images, wysiwyg)
  • sprite Javascript or html code add
  • sprite single image
  • sprite 3d slideshow
  • sprite Image Slideshow
  • sprite Image Gallery
  • sprite Contact Forms
  • sprite Webfeed RSS
  • sprite Google Docs Viewer
  • sprite Google Maps
  • sprite Navigation
  • sprite Bravenet Web Apps
  • sprite Guestbook
  • sprite Page counter

Blogging Components

  • sprite Blog Posts
  • sprite Blog Comments
  • sprite Blog Search
  • sprite Blog Archive

Multimedia Components

  • sprite Youtube video embeds
  • sprite Flicker Gallery
  • sprite Video Player
  • sprite Embed Flash
  • sprite Vimeo
  • sprite Audio Player
  • sprite Slideshows

Social Media Components

  • sprite Social Sharing Buttons
  • sprite Facebook Status
  • sprite Facebook Pages Plugin
  • sprite Facebook Like Button
  • sprite Twitter Timeline
  • sprite Twitter Followers
  • sprite Tweet Button
  • sprite Reddit
  • sprite Last.FM
  • sprite Friend List
  • sprite Xbox Gamer Card
  • sprite Del.icio.us
  • sprite Github Repositories
  • sprite Plus – add your own using the content components

Ecommmerce blocks

  • sprite Paypal
  • sprite Ecwid Product Search
  • sprite Ecwid Shopping Bag
  • sprite Ebay Listings
  • sprite BookFresh Scheduling


  • sprite Add blocks for adsense
  • sprite Add blocks for banner ads
  • sprite Add blocks for text ads
  • sprite Add blocks for any additions


  • Domain Name NOT included. – Use your own domain name, or transfer or purchase a new domain name when purchasing website builder plan.
  • Ecommerce sites using paypal as the payment processor AT paypal do NOT require a dedicated IP or an SSL certificate. IF you are taking payents on your website you WILL require to purchase a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate to encrypt buyers personal and financial details.
  • DOES NOT require the purchase of a hosting account to be used with the website builder.
  • Includes 10 free email accounts.
  • Website builder plans are a third party product. Pricing is guaranteed per month.

cheap easy website builder

See Themes Available or use DEMO HERE
opens in a new page
NOTE: to trial the demo and see all the included components, choose a demo theme and click INSTALL.

DraG & DROP Website
$71.88 per YEAR
paid monthly @$5.99
use your own domain

  • cross NO free domain name -change dns to use your own domain name
  • cross whois privacy
  • cross antitheft domain lock
  • 1 website
  • 5GB storage
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 50 pages eg: home about contact etc
  • unlimited pages blog
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • sprite Free Images 85,000+ Image Library
  • sprite pay monthly
  • sprite domain name required
    – change your dns
  • sprite Instant setup
  • sprite easy to use
  • sprite 30 day full refund policy
  • cross hosting plan purchase not required

Buy Now $5.99 per month

* Domain Name purchases and transfers, SSL certificates and dedicated IP can be added during checkout.
* You can choose to pay monthly or select any amount of months to prepay in advance during checkout ie: Pay monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc.

website builder

Q. Do I need to also buy a Hosting package when I buy a Website Builder package?
No. Our Website Builder packages come with a FREE Web and Email Hosting package.

Q. How easy is it to set up the Website Builder?
Very Simple. Our website builder package was built to offer webhosting in a user friendly form. Simply choose a theme you like and click install. If you change your mind and want to use another theme you can change it just as quickly by selecting another.
All our components are a simple click, our text edittors are wysiwyg *what you see is what you get, so that you can see on your browser screen exactly what your website will look like. You edit straight to the page you are working on. Your website builder admin area is as easy as writing and sending an email!

Q. What are the free images in the library?
We’ve included over 85,000 licenced stock images for you to use in your website pages. Simply click add images and type in a category you are looking for. All images are high resolution, and our editors allow you to resize them to fit your pages areas, and add them left, right or center.
You can also upload and use your own images and videos and music files.

Q. Are there instructions and help pages?
Yes. In the top corner of your editing pages you can click help at any time for instructions or help with anything you are doing. Help pages also help you understand what components are if you’re not sure what you want to add or what things actually do.

Q. I have never owned a website before and Im sure I’ll be out of my depth.
There are a LOT of myths about webhosting. In the early days of webhosting website owners needed to be able to code. Those days are LONG GONE, yet the myth remains. Some very clever coders have built a system where anyone can use it just by clicking on what they want. In laymans terms, it’s about as easy as switching on a light. You don’t know anything about electricity, but you know how to use the switch. So, three things you should know:
1. We’ve built it so you DONT need code and can easily build your complete website without ever using a code.
2. We have a FULLY working demo for you to try out first. Try it and see.
3. We host it for you, meaning we take care of the control panel and all the background technical stuff you don’t want to do!
If you know how to type words and how to click a “submit” button, you’ll be fine!

Q. Can I edit the theme?
Absolutely. There are no hidden codes, you have full access to the html editor and the css editor. You can also make your own theme, and upload and download files to use.

Q. Can I add my logo and favicon.ico?

Q. What types of themes are available?
We have over 180 themes available for all uses, some examples are personal sites like weddings, birth announcements, personal blogs, family sites, business sites of all types. If you see a theme you like but it has images of a construction company and you’d like to use it for a doctors office, simply change the images. We also have themes for social and ecommerce for selling online. It’s best to take a look at all the themes, and remember you can change everything in them from the colors to the images and even the fonts used.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee on your Website Builder packages?
Yes, we offer a Risk Free, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with all our Website Builder packages. Please note that this applies only to the website builder package. Refunds are not available on purchase and registration of domain names. If you’re not sure we suggest you use the demo version to ensure you have everything you need first.

Q. What components are included with your Website Builder?
Our Website builder includes popular components like Blog, Image Gallery, PayPal, eBay and Google Maps. A full list is at the top of this page or try the demo site to see all of them and try them out.

Q. Will there be any advertisements on my site?
Absolutely Not! All our Website Builder packages are completely Ad-Free. There is NO host branding.

Q. Am I allowed to place ads on my site?
Yes. Including adsense, affiliate banners and any other form of advertising.

Q. Does the Website Builder include any SEO features?
Our Website Builder packages are integrated with Search Engine Optimization features to help you rank higher on search engines. Simply click on the SEO feature for each page to add your titles and descriptions. You also have access to the <head> section where you can add your own meta data and codes.

Q. Can I upload music and video files?
Yes, you have 5GB of diskspace for your entire site. You can upload music & video files to your website, and play your media without branding logos added by 3rd party sites, or ads.
Unlimited bandwidth means your site visitors can play as many videos as they want.

Q. I have a website with another host – can I move my site to website builder?
Yes, however you will need to create the pages and cut and paste your texts, and upload your images to your image folders to use. Or use our free images.
Website builders are exactly that = an empty website ready for you to add your information to. Unfortunately there is no way to simply copy another full website and install it in any website builder.
There are fast ways of doing this. Contact us if you would like us to take a look at your current website to see what we can suggest.

Q. I want to setup an ecommerce site and I need a dedicated IP and an SSL.
You can add these to your purchase during checkout.

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