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Power. Each time a page loads in your website a certain amount of bandwidth is used to pull the information from your databases and display it on your visitors screens. Each webhosting plan has an allowance of bandwidth that you have per month, unlimited plans, ecommerce plans and vps have no limits on bandwidth.

Dedicated IP
Dedicated Internet Provider. Your website will have an IP address assigned to it, which is a number the same as a phone number, there is only one. This number will be added to your SSL. The easiest way to think of it is a reserved parking space for your car, you will always park in the same place. A random IP is like parking in a general carpark, you park in any space available.
Your IP provider assigns your domain name a unique number. Sites with an SSL must have a dedicated IP.

means HOUSE. And is a term used for the URL at which your information will be hosted. A domain name is actually a number for which alphabetic letters are exchanged, so 1=a etc. Though your domain name may be jigsawpuzzles.xyz it would actually be something like: 830277210073.xyz therefore it works the same as a phone number does. It is easier for everyone to type in, and remember, words rather than numbers BUT your domain name does have a number string which if you type or paste into the URL bar of your browser will still take you to your website. So, you can use the number OR the word form of your domain name.

E means electronic, commerce means trading commercially. An Ecommerce platform is a website that takes payments online.

System used for music and video playing. Available only on VPS plans at cheaphostr.

A gigabyte is a measurement of size. One byte is equal to one typed letter, such as a or 1 or x and also includes spaces, so cat dog is 7 bytes. GIGA means million. It not only includes written texts but also codes on your pages and file sizes or images and other. A single photographic image can be 800bytes depending on quality. Mousing over any file on your home computer should display how many kb are in that folder.

An SSL is an encrytion technology that is used to encrypt information in forms used on your website. It allows your users to make purchases and instantly encrypts all personal and financial information. An ssl cerfificate is a marking on your website to let your users know your website has an ssl and is safe to use. Standard websites have a prefix http:// websites with an ssl have the prefix https://