Cheaphost webhosting features. What’s included with your hosting packages at cheaphostr.com
Different hosting types have different inclusions based on their limitations, eg, ecommerce sites may require ssl certificates and a dedicated IP, music and video sites will require ffmeg files that are only available with vps hosting. Check below for what is in each hosting type.
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Full inclusions with all hosting plans
Domain Names:
Free whois privacy protection (available only on domain extensions WITH privacy protection allowed, eg: .PRO is not able to be privacy protected. see list here LINK
Free domain name LOCK. Stop thieves stealing your domain name, and yes, it can be done. You could loose your domain AND your website if this happens and you may never recover it! Extortion is a common practice. Protect your domain with domain lock!
Free email account.
Free domain parking. (If you don’t wish to build a website for your domain, or only use it for its email address, ie: myemail@myname.com
Free email inclusions (see email info below).
Standard Webhosting plans: (includes: all plans except vps hosting plans).
C Panel – full Control Panel – click here for user C Panel Demo or click here for user C panel inclusions
MySql – my series query language – databases.
FTP – file transfer protocol – ftp accounts
Webdisk – download webdisk from your control panel to allow you to log into your website from your home computer to edit your site files, or upload and download files, pages, or images.
Email accounts – each plan has differing email accounts from 30 accounts to unlimited. Please check each plan separately here
Email accounts include: Webmail, free mailing lists, free forwards, free auto responders, free aliases, Pop 3, smtp, anti spam filters, Imap.
Free scripts – 100’s of free scripts to choose from, some examples are CMS, Blog, wordpress, classifieds, auction, b2b, ecommerce, forums, images, and 100’s more. click here to see all available free scripts
Auto Script Installers – simple one click installation of free scripts.
Super Secure US Servers – Not just secure, super secure. Guaranteeing you 99.99% total security (we’re not allowed to claim 100%…). Our servers are kept in climate controlled rooms with security personel on patrol, behind locked doors, behind locked buildings, behind locked gates and etc etc etc. Super Secure Servers are used by financial institutions, banks etc, governments and military to keep documents safe from theives, hackers and anyone else that may want to break into them. Access to these servers is by means of high level encryptions and with state of the art firewalls.
Auto backup service – cheaphostr.com programs automatic backups of all websites hosted at cheaphostr. If something goes wrong with your site we have backups of it.
Auto backup in your c panel – you can set your c panel admin to automatically create backups of your databases and files.
Create backups – make a manual backup anytime you choose of your whole webhosting account or a single website, or even one folder or page.
Uploads and downloads – upload or download page files, images, etc etc
Page editors – edit your site pages in your C panel simply by right clicking the page and selecting edit. Includes html edittors for visual.
Create new pages and/or folders -one click, name it, edit it.
Instructional Videos and text instructions. Videos have pause and rewind.
AW Stats – All the information on your websites, including how many visitors, what time, day, what country, how long they stayed, what pages they read, where they exited, what keywords the used, what link they followed to arrive, what search engine they found you on. See where best to spend your advertising dollars! Info on unique visitors and return visitors and more.
Latest Visitors – includes IPs and details of pages visited.
Password Protect Folders – place passwords on your folders (or pages) for privacy.
IP block – stop unwanted visitors from accessing your website.
Want to test out C Panel? Or see everything in your hosting plan? Click here for your c panel admin demo
Ecommerce Hosting
All of the above plus all of the below:
Free SSL Certificate – https prefix. SSL certificates enable encryption of data entered in forms to protect your users financial and private information from being seen or stolen by dishonest persons. ALL ecommerce website SHOULD have an ssl certificate and a dedicated IP. Sites with SSL promote user confidence, meaning people are more likely to buy from you if you have one, and more likely to buy somewhere else if you don’t have one. Users are advised on all “internet safe use” pages, including those from their banks, credit card providers and etc NOT to use any website for purchases that do not have SSL and https before the domain name, eg: https://itsokaytobuyhere.com
Free dedicated IP. – Dedicated Internet Provider Address. Your website will have an address in a numbered code like a phone number. This number will be exclusive to your website and domain name. All SSL sites must have a dedicated IP.
Free Ecommerce Script – save yourself hundreds of dollars by not having to buy an ecommerce script for your website. Use your websites autoinstaller to select your choice and install it in one click.
Email Accounts
Free autoresponders,Free Redirects, Free Mailing Lists – no need to buy mailing list software or join a mailing list website! It’s included free! WEBMAIL, email aliases, Pop3, smtp, Imap, html capable, Anti Spam Filters.
Email accounts are free with parked domains and web hosting accounts.
See this page
User pages (for members only) with links to instruction manuals for c panel
and more
Links to free scripts, both=free scripts we have and others available on the internet.
Links to other items you may need, such as where to find free images, or buy licenced images for your website and advertising materials such as flyers and brochures, backgrounds, links to help sites for html and css codes (please note: coding is NOT required for hosting with c panel! -but it helps 🙂 )
Support tickets – send cheaphostr support team support messages for help/problems with your accounts.
Support emails – members send emails to support for help/problems with your accounts.
TRANSFER HELP – cheaphostr staff offer free help to new members to transfer domains and/or complete websites to cheaphostr. We also offer free advice on choosing the best hosting for your website and choosing the right script for it/them.
Chat and phone support = coming soon!
Cheaphostr.com support is manned by BTech graduates. Our support is 24/7 and 365 days. Cheaphosr staff are situated around the world, in all time zones, so there’s always someone there to answer your support queries.
Priority support is available for: Ecom Plus plan and Unlimited Sites Plan.
For all other plans you will be able to mark your support question priority as any of the following: low, medium, high, asap, urgent.
You should use low for anything where you don’t require an answer instantly, and asap for “I need the info as soon as you can possibly manage it” and urgent for “extreme” events eg: Someone has found your login details and you have lost control of your website etc.
(please remember NEVER to write down or share your c panel login details with ANYONE!)
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