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How to write anchor texts for articles, blogs and keywords. How to write anchor texts for backlinks. How to write anchor texts on your website and in emails.
Anchor texts are texts with links in them that contain your keyword; the subject you’re linking to, your subject or category.
The first thing you need is your keyword, and this is the word that you’ll be using for the link.
For example, if you are linking to a page on your website and the page name is buy boats, your anchor text should say buy boats as well.
so, here is an anchor text, you can copy this code and simply change the URL address to the link you want it to go to, and the keyword to the keyword you want to use.

<a href=”cheaphostr.com”>cheap host</a>

Where possible you should place this anchor text in the form of a normal sentence, like this:
For more information about <a href=”cheaphostr.com”>cheap hosting</a> click here
and it will look like this on your page in your browser:
For more information about cheap hosting click here


Your anchor text keyword, or subject, should be the same word that you are using in your texts on the page. It should also be the same words as the title of the page you are placing it on, and have the same wording as the page you are linking to.
For example: You are writing an article about yellow flowers.
Your page name (the page you are writing on) should have BOTH those words IN the page name, eg: Decorating with yellow flowers, or making bouquets with yellow flower.
Your anchor text should link TO a page with yellow flowers in the page name, eg:
<a href=”bouqetworld.com/growing-yellow-flowers”>yellow flowers</a>
and you should place your anchor text either in part of a normal sentence, like this:
…..decorating with yellow flowers helps add a cheery ambience…
Or use your anchor texts to direct your readers to where they will find more information eg:
If you’d like more information on this subject, there’s more growing techniques for yellow flowers here
If youre writing internal links for your own website, or adding links from another website TO your website dont use “open in a new page” codes.
If you are writing links ON your website that go TO another website, these should be written as both NO FOLLOW and and “open in a new page” links.
To add “open in a new page” add this code: target=”_blank”
To add a no follow rule add this code: rel=”nofollow”
<a href=”bouqetworld.com/growing-yellow-flowers” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>yellow flowers</a>
NEVER send links OUT of your own website without target blank codes. Always ensure your website page stays open in the background.
And never EVER send ANY link out of your website without a no follow code. Search engine robots follow ALL links. You want your website to be the last stop, and showing no links at all going out.
Its at this point that I will tell you that if you are trying to build backlinks coming into your website, you should try to find sites that have BOTH no follow and follow links. Of course you want the follow links but the search engines wont see this as natural. And dont alway use your keyword in the anchor text, use a few different phrases like
click here


How to link to page on your own website with anchor text

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Oh, and dont add too many links to your pages. The maximum is about twenty.