getting started

How to start webhosting. Where to start, a step by step walk through of how to start hosting a website for personal, business or ecom.
This page is intended as a basic instructional page for new website owners. It is set out in sections pertaining to usual steps. cannot attempt to guess your exact requirements or exact needs. Please treat this page as general and standard information.
Step 1. Decide and plan first!
Have an idea about what TYPE of site you wish to build. Is it an information site that contains texts and articles, is it a blog? Or is it a community website for activities like dancing groups or fishing clubs, sports teams or a charity help site?
Each different type of site will require a different type of script (scripts are the pages, and coded pages, that are installed in your website that you write/put information on, or your visitors will see when they visit your website. Eg: A classifieds script will show as a classifieds site, a real estate script will be used for selling and renting real estate, either by the real estate agent, or by you allowing your site users to list their houses for sale or rent or place a wanted ad.)
Decide what your site will be ABOUT.
When you launch your website you will write an about page where you will tell all your website visitors what your site is all about. Maybe if you write that out now you’ll be able to see in writing what your sites main function is. Is it information, is it selling? Is it promoting your real business?
What do you DO?
Do you own a restaurant? Do you sell jewellry? Do you demolish old houses? Are you offering your services as a photographer? Are you building a promotional site for a modelling career?
Think about WHY you are launching a website, and what you are offering to people that find it.


Step 2. FIND YOUR KEYWORD or keywords.
A keyword is a word that MOST people will enter into a search bar to find your website, your services, or your product. If you want to be found on the search engines its MANDATORY you know what your keyword or keywords are!
If you are a car mechanic, your key word would be MECHANIC, your keywords would be CAR MECHANIC.
It is a very simple process to understand, people searching for car mechanics will type the words “car mechanic” into the search bar. They will NOT type “green bananas” and expect to find any results for car mechanics, nor will you find ANY results for car mechanics under the search term “green bananas”.
Step 3. Working WITH keywords.
Your BEST possible domain name for your website will contain one or TWO of your keywords in normal context.
Eg: and not
And would be spelt correctly, eg: NOT or
Unfortunately, the chances of you finding a “exact keyword match” domain name in a TLD (top level domain name extension, like .com) is NOT likely. These would have been purchased years ago and are no longer available OR if they are, they will be for sale on an auction site for thousands, or even millions of dollars. (if you find one BUY IT!)
But dont despair, there are options.
TLD’s like .net work just as well, so if is available, buy that.
I’ve read online NOT to buy hyphenated names, like Apparently the reason for that is it’s too complicated for people to remember the hyphen when typing. But I say: “WHEN was the last time you typed a domain name instead of clicking the link for the site on a search engine result?”
Search engines read the WORDS contained in your domain and IGNORE hyphens, so they will read car-mechanic as carmechanic. They also don’t care what order they are in, they will read mechaniccar AND mechanicar (with a dropped c) as car mechanic also. The point is, you will get the SAME result on search engines for those two words regardless of the hyphen or the order of the words.
They will also convert numbers to words, so 2day will get results for both twoday and today. Thousands of people search daily using numbers instead of words, eg: find someone 2 fix my leaking pipes, where do I go 4 dancing lessons. And they also use text and sms slang terms, eg: how 2 find g8t dress for prom.
For example, if you owned the website you would also show on results pages when people type the search words STOPsmoking. Because both words mean the same thing in the same context, search engines will treat them as the SAME word!
SO, you CAN’T buy, but can you buy something VERY similar?
Eg: carmechanics carrepair carrepairer carrepairers fixmycar fixmycars carfix autorepairer automechanic automechanical automechanicals = TRY to think of all the possibilities that different people might use to find your service.
OR can you add your area to it, eg, if your business is solely relying on customers from your local area/city, can you add your cities name to it and buy Adding these extra locations really work! People DO search for services and INCLUDE their area. They also ask questions, like how do I, where do I, how can I… And they will give “instructions” like, find me a best price cruise, search new shoes Plymouth, Best Restaurant Washington etc
Okay, so now you need to think of other things they might add:
BESTcarrepairs BESTcarmechanic CHEAPcarmechanic.
And keep mixing them around until you find something you think works just great!
IF your website is a SHOP or an ecommerce type, you should add terms to your domain name that include both your keywords AND that you are a sales outlet, like this: newdresssale newdresssales shoeSHOP shoeSHOPPER shoeSHOPPERS designerbagSALES designerbagsSALE and etc.
Believe it or not, domain names with the word shop, sale, buy, buy now, purchase etc actually sell MORE items than domains without them do. The reason is because people are looking to BUY when they type the word BUY into the search engine. They are looking for a site to BUY from.
You should name your domain with words that EXPLAIN what your business/website is about that will match what visitors are searching for. Names like will not work as well as or
Not using one of your keywords lowers your search results and the amount of people that will find you, and sets you up for paying for advertising forever, or relying on other sources forever – continual mailing lists, continual promotions on social media etc. Your worst case scenario is paying an seo company to help put you on top, which you can avoid by using the right domain name.
Other extensions
There are now pretty much endless possibilities for domain name extensions, like .com .net .org
Some are TLD and are shown on search results worldwide.
SOME are COUNTRY extensions and will ONLY show on search results IN that country (Avoid if possible! Country extensions are NOT recommended in ANY form!) DO NOT buy a country extension if you intend to SELL or TRADE worldwide. Country extension like .ca .us .in and all etc box you into ONLY your own country.
Low level extension like .info are cheap to buy, and show worldwide but don’t get good results on search engines.
Other extensions like .pro are excellent! So are .pw (professional web) meant for businesses like graphics designers etc that work online but can be used for ANY service, like hairdressers, doctors, farriers, animal balloon makers…
You are also able to buy what is known as a BOUTIQUE extension, and there are many available. These are KEYWORDS that replace the .com
car.MECANIC truck.MECHANIC instead of truckmechanic.COM
If you can find an extension that MATCHES your business or profession it WILL work for you.
So, if you CAN’T find the domain name you want as a .com, and you can’t find a .com by playing around with keywords (oh, no! They’re all registered!), you can see what’s available on other extensions like .pro .pw .DOCTOR .VET and etc.
How to check availability
AFTER you’ve finished reading this, select “domains” from navigation bar and select either: bulk registration OR name suggestion tool.
Bulk registration will let you enter up to 15 names at a time to check and see what is available and you can tick a box for extensions you might like to use.
Name suggestion will let you enter your keywords and it will supply available names with those keywords in them.
IMPORTANT!!! IF you will be purchasing hosting from remember our hosting comes with a FREE domain name so DON’T purchase the name you decide on YET! Just make a note of it. WHEN you purchase your hosting you will enter the name of the domain AFTER you have selected the hosting plan and it will be added to your hosting plan for FREE. If you purchase it beforehand you will have paid for something you would have received FREE (so wait).
And one more thing…
DON’T buy a domain name in your business name! Unless it contains KEYWORDS in it ( unless you want to have to PAY for advertising on adwords, or pay for seo services, or ads on websites, and in newspapers and everywhere else to get found for the rest of eternity. NOT recommended!
Unless you EXPECT every person in the world to search SPECIFICALLY for YOUR business on the search engines you are at a huge disadvantage!
You would be much better to buy a domain name containing a search term and then have ONE page on your website titled in your business name and write about your business there. It WILL show results on search engines and anyone looking for you specifically WILL find you.
Don’t believe the hype about “you have to have the same domain name as your business” because that’s phooey.
Unless you’re a worldwide brand like nike it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to GET generic term recognition!
Oh what?! I already own a country extension domain name!
How’s that working for you? You really need to think of a country extension domain as you having a stall at the local farmers markets. It’s not likely you’re going to sell much product, because your stall is small and there are less people shopping at the market than there are shopping in a huge supermarket, or in the whole of the supermarket chain nationally at the same time, or buying from that same supermarket chain internationally.
You really should NOT use a country extension UNLESS your business type has NO opportunity of working as a worldwide business, though its hard to think of something that can’t be made global. Even if you were working mowing lawns (and you obviously can’t do a lawn in Canada and then go to Mexico for the next…) you could still set up a global lawn mowing hire service, where people BOOK at your site… Really, even if you make ice cream, you can freeze it and export it…
We recently FIXED a website for a motel in Australia. They had low booking rates and without doubt because overseas visitors had already booked their holidays and paid for motel rooms BEFORE they left their own country. A quick changeover to a .com and now they’re solidly booked pretty much all the time, even in the off seasons!
The first thing to consider is CAN you change it? Can you NOT use the country extension or will it cause problems? Do you have stationary printed with that domain on it? Or links all over the internet pointing to that domain? Links from your social network sites can quickly be changed, so if that’s all you have, no problem. But if you have thousands, and no control over changing then you’re a bit stuck (but we’ll fix it!).
IF you have business cards out there, or customers that only have that domains information etc its best NOT to change it. Instead KEEP it, and purchase a TLD with KEYWORDS in it that best suit your business and will get you better results for searches.
IF you have LOW results for your country extension site, and virtually NO activity it’s best to just discontinue using it altogether.
You can COPY all that websites files into your new domain (so you wont have to start from scratch and rebuild a whole website all over again!). You will have to change any texts that say to, but using a text editting software like c++ edittor will have this task completed in a matter of minutes.
IF you have kept your old domain (countryextension) then it’s just a simple matter of deleting all the files there and adding a single page to it with a auto redirect code to your NEW website. That way anyone clicking any link for will go straight to your
NOTE: IF you are using BUSINESS hosting plan or business ECOM plan and you would like us to do this for you we will. We’re experts!
Another option would be to create a SISTER site. An identical site and run TWO websites. This of course will mean twice as much work for you HOWEVER you will be able to guage WHICH site works best. Be careful NOT to have the same texts, duplicate texts will score penalty points with search engines which see them as copyright infringements. (Best to close the country extension site and use a TLD).


Many people put off opening a website because it’s just too confusing. Especially if you don’t know what bandwidth is or how much of it you will need, or how much a GB (gigabyte) is, or how long it will last. To a technically minded person finding webhosting is simple, they’re looking for x amount of diskspace, x amount of file storage space, does it have enough databases, how many ftp accounts can I have, and does someone else have a better price. completely understands it’s daunting, and we’ve also gone to great lengths to build webhosting plans specifically for usage types. MOST webhosts offer plans named standard, silver, gold, platinum, which tells you nothing! Or more specifically does not inform YOU what the hosting platform will and wont do. hosting plans are in PLAIN english. Our standard hosting options are for usual website types, like blogs, articles and information sites, our BUSINESS plans are meant for businesses, our ecommerce plans are for websites that will be selling FROM their websites, our unlimited plans are for users who want unlimited storage room in their folders, and unlimited bandwidth (this is the amount of POWER used when each page loads for each visitor to view information on the pages ie: A page loading uses mb. Thousands of visitors a day will be thousands of mb.) Our VPS plans are virtual private servers and can be used for ANY type of website including music and video and streaming sites.
Before you decide which plan is best for you you first need to know what type of site you are building, and how many visitors you expect to have using your website.
Please KNOW that you CAN start with the cheapest, lowest bandwidth plan and UPGRADE any time you like, so if you’re really not sure, this is the best option for you! Please read through the options below.
VPS hosting
Will support ANY type of website, and is the ONLY type of hosting you can use IF you will be storing music or video files on your website, or streaming video files to customers, or having podcasts, radio stations or CHAT sites or social networking sites WITH chat for your users, and FILE storage sites.
VPS hosting is the only hosting type with ffmeg file types, so it is the ONLY hosting type that will support ANY of the above features. You are not permitted to have any of the above features, or a website with these features on any other hosting type or plan at cheaphostr. VPS plans are CHEAPER than standard webhosts standard monthly plans. Our VPS starts from $19 per month compared to usual hosting fees of $30 a month for standard hosting at most other webhosts. NO free domain name available on this plan.
VPS hosting is probably best explained as a super site, or a site like the “big boys” run.
If you need VPS you’ll know, meaning that most sites DON’T require it, and if your site does need it, or becomes HUGE, you will know when you do need it.
The ecommerce platform is specific to online sales and the protection of both YOUR financial information and that of your customers. Ecommerce sites require a dedicated IP (A static and locked address exclusive to your website- like a phone number= there’s only one), and an SSL certificate.
An SSL certificate shows your buyers that you have ENCRYPTION protections at your website, meaning that all transactions are encrypted and cannot be hacked into, seen or discovered.
IF you intend to sell online, or take payments in any form, you MUST have both a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate to protect you and your customers from fraud and identity theft. ecommerce hosting provides a FREE SSL certificate and a FREE dedicated IP. SSL certificates are sold at between $40 and $65 elsewhere and dedicated IPs can cost between $4 and $8 a month depending on where you purchase your hosting. Cheaphostr provides BOTH an SSL and a dedicated IP FREE with ALL ecommerce hosting accounts. also provides you a FREE ecommerce script, and we’ll install it and set it up. Ecommerce scripts can cost anywhere from $100 to $3000plus. You have the option to use ours, or purchase and install your own.
Your ecommerce site comes complete with unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited ftp accounts (Absolutely needed for an ecom) unlimited email accounts AND unlimited mailing lists!
It also comes WITH a FREE domain name which we pay for for EVERY years renewal whilever your site is hosted with us. Also includes free whois protection (usually $10-15) and free domain anti theft lock (usually $10-15), plus auto responders on your emails, and auto redirects, and 100’s of free scripts you can install in your websites folders, ie: Blogs, articles, images etc. has TWO choices for ecom sites, both with full inclusions! Includes FULL setup by cheaphostr professionals!
Our standard ecommerce hosting is for a shop type website, where your products or services are displayed on all pages.
Our business ecommerce hosting is installed as a business website with a shop, or in other words the website is mostly about your business, your products, services, about page, locations, contact page and details and then a shop is added where you can sell products online, or book services eg: prepaid appointments etc.
Ecommerce hosting plans can be used for any ecommerce type script including reservation scripts, coupon scripts, daily deals, b2b, b2c and ANY type of site where transactions are made ON your website.
BUSINESS SITES business site hosting plans are a build service. The hosting platform and inclusions are near to the same as our standard plans, and they have all the same features such as C panel, ftp, databases, free email account, free domain name and/or transfers, free whois protection, free domain lock, free scripts.
Our Business site hosting plans are meant for people who would like someone else to install and setup the website for them.
Business plans include setup of your C panel and emails, installation of a CMS script (content management system), the creation of five pages of your choice (usually= home, about, services or products, location, contact. Your contact page has an email sending form for immediate contact from clients.
All scripts that we install are responsive and will auto fit to all screen sizes from computer monitors to tablets and phones of all makes.
Also included are an seo mod, links to your social network pages, a send to friend form (like the one here on =test it and see) and a responsive slideshow. will install and setup your site where you will then add the information to the pages as simply as you write an email.
Our service includes making 5-6 pages (including the contact page/form), which you can name whatever you choose. Note that you can make as many pages as you wish.
The script also comes with a blog already installed that you can choose to use or not use, and it also has the ability to allow you to have customers leave reviews or comments on any page, or make a specific page for reviews.
Once completed by you your business website can either be “set and forget” or you can add to it as often as you wish. Set and forget means your website contains your business information and contact details and this is all you want your website to do.
There are hundreds of designs to choose from and changing your theme (how your site looks) is a single button click. You can also add more features to your site, like calendars, calculators, polls etc. has THREE business plans, one is standard single site, the second allows you to host three websites (domains) in one plan using one c panel, and the third option has unlimited bandwidth and diskspace etc.
STANDARD SITES has two basic standard hosting types.
Our first is budget plan. This is a very simplistic hosting platform and is meant for websites that only need a single page, like a squeeze page, or it will be used privately, meaning=not available to general public. Usually this type of site is a family website, where photos and family information is shared between families that live long distances from each other. The site requires usernames and passwords to access, therefore no-one else has access to family photos and latest gossip! Our budget plan is also useful for short term sites, like wedding sites, or private sales of real estate or prestige items like classic cars. You are able to install a website showcasing your home room by room with full descriptions and photographs and can include a contact form, and contact details for yourself or your agent/representative. You can upload a video of your property (or anything else) to a video site like youtube and embed videos to show on your site.
There is no free domain name on this hosting type.
Our second standard plan is the CHEAP hosting plan.
More diskspace, more bandwidth, and this hosting plan would be the usual type of hosting required for websites that DONT take payments (you need ecommerce) and does not have music or video files onsite (you need vps), embeds are ok.
Our standard plan comes with three options:
1 site, 3 sites or 5 sites.
All the features are the same with all plans, the only difference is your bandwidth and diskspace is x3 or x5 times more for that plan.
They ALL include a free domain name, free whois protection, free domain lock, free email accounts, free auto responders, free redirects, free mailing lists, free scripts, auto installers and more (see plan page for more details).
Our 3 and 5 site plans allow you to host 3 or 5 separate websites and domain in one c panel under one plan (see everything in one place, with one log in).
All standard hosting plans are do it yourself, meaning that you will have to set up your own cpanel and emails and install your own scripts. But dont panic, there are help texts in your c panel as well as instructional videos and full access to c panel help pages, instruction pages and forums.
If you would like to install and setup your site choose a BUSINESS hosting plan.
UNLIMITED HOSTING unlimited hosting plans are exactly that, unlimited.
Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace, unlimited databases, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mailing lists. They all come with a free domain name and our unlimited MAXI hosting account has TEN free domain names. They all have auto installers, free scripts.
Our unlimited hosting plans are for:
1 site 5 sites 10 sites or UNLIMITED sites.
There are differences in the plans regarding the amount of subdomains however you can install as many scripts as you wish in folders of that website, eg: etc.
Our unlimited maxi hosting plan allows unlimited domains to be hosted with unlimited subdomains and unlimited addon domains.
You can host hundreds or thousands of websites in one control panel and build an empire!
The usual cost of an unlimited hosting account is $49 a MONTH, unlimited hosting accounts start at $49 for a YEAR.
Please note unlimited does not mean without restrictions, please read full details on the unlimited hosting plan page.
OKAY So…what’s next?
So by now you have an idea what your website is about, and what’s the best domain name to choose for your new website. Once you’ve decided what type of site you’re building you need to select the hosting type thats best suited for your purposes. If you have a shop on your website you’ll select an ecommerce hosting type. If you dont have a shop then choose standard hosting. If you want to install and setup your website then choose either a business hosting plan or a business ecom if you will have a shop. Select unlimited if you you know you’ll be needing a LOT of storage space or expecting a lot of visitor usage at your website.
IF you already have a website
And it has c panel, you can log in and check your bandwidth and diskspace usage amounts in the left hand column. This will give you an idea of how much bandwidth and diskspace you will need.
IF you already have a website or a domain name and need to transfer it
Please read our How To Transfer page.
If you’re too scared to do it yourself, WE WILL do it for you for free. Just contact us on our support pages.
Choosing a script to install for you website.
Go to our navigation links and select the page named free scripts. There are links there to ALL the available scripts so that you can see what’s available. There are hundreds to choose from including CMS, blogs, articles, forums, classifieds, auctions, b2b, image, magazine, social networks.
Or…If you have no idea what you need, contact us with your ideas.
I cant find the script I want…or a script that does what I want.
It may just be that it’s named something different to what you’re searching for. Some script makers call their scripts some obscure names sometimes. Or it could be that not ALL script types are available in our selection of free scripts. We do have most script types. It may also be available elsewhere online for free. You can easily install any script whether its from our selection, or one you have found, or purchased.
You may also be searching for a script that hasn’t been invented yet. Eg: If you’re looking for a script that will send people sms alerts to their phones while their internet is disconnected or their phone is turned off. All scripts started as someones idea, so maybe yours is original.
If you’re fairly sure the script does exist that doesn’t mean a free version is available. The makers of any script have copyright to them. It is their choice to allow it to be used for free, or not used, or sold for a fee. Some scripts are only available for purchase, and some scripts were privately commissioned to be built by website owners.
We’re happy to help you track one down IF it’s available. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.
If the script is only available in paid versions we can help you decide which to buy and which to avoid.
But wait! There’s MORE!
Once you join as a client there’s even more for you inside.
Firstly, our support team is made up of Bachelor of Technology Graduates who really know their stuff. They’re experts at webhosting, experts at c panel and all the components of cpanel (like setting up anything you might want to do), and experts at installations, expert coders and the list goes on. These are the people that will be helping you on support issues. Cheaphostr has professionals on support, not paid workers with no knowledge!
And there’s still more!
Once inside your user portal you will have access to links for other free items, like images, page backgrounds, help websites, and free softwares that you can use for editting or building your site, like free banner makers and gif makers, plus member only articles on seo and other topics that will help you, and info on how to add more features to your websites and how to really use social media (not their version of it-the real way, so it works for YOU and not the social media site!). Our member only articles are written by an seo expert so you should be able to get information to follow that will enable you to never have to pay for adwords or help from an seo company ever again! (don’t assume its something you have to pay for=we never have! And you shouldn’t have to either!).
If you’re still confused
Contact us. We’re happy to answer questions on what type of hosting is best for you and questions on which script to install to suit your purposes. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for! Or what it’s called!
If you’re ready to get started
Click the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the hosting plan of your choice. It will take you to a purchase page. Once you have completed the first steps you will be prompted to select your domain name to host the account with. You can either select to BUY a domain (we pay for it on all plans except budget and VPS hosting), or to transfer your domain from your existing registrar.
Select whichever is your choice and continue. A few clicks later you’ll be directed to a secure payment page. Once the payment process is completed you will receive your account details by email.
IF you have chosen a Business or Ecom plan that will be setting up for you you will either be directed to a site page to provide information to us (details of what you want) or you will be sent an email to send the information to us. This information will be simple questions like: What do you want your pages named (with suggestions) etc. This is so we know what to build!
Please NOTE: NEW websites, especially those with a NEW domain name can take up to 24 hours to be ready. This is due to response times from domain name registrars. You will receive an email as soon as your site is ready to login to.
If you’re NOT ready to get started
Bookmark this page so you can find it again tomorrow!
Contact support on this site if you still have questions or need help.
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