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Guarantee on webhosting: uses super secure servers. We guarantee your websites files, folders and all information pertaining to your websites and or domains will be kept in super secure servers at all times.
Our servers come with a 99.99% UPTIME guarantee, meaning that your website will remain online at all times with a 0.01% change of downtime. We would guarantee 100% however we are not legally able to make this claim.
Some unscrupulous webhosts sell space on their servers regardless of the amount of space that they have available.
This means that during peak times, when everyone in the country or world is trying to view your website, your website will not be able to be viewed due to an overloading of the server. For any website owner this is disasterous! It means your website will be online when there is no-one awake to view it and offline when people are searching for it! GUARANTEES our servers capacity is monitored and will NEVER contain more hosted websites than the maximum allowable.
What you see is what you get.
All of our hosting plans include all the features that are available and all costs are FULLY stated on each plan. There are NO surprises after you have purchased and NOTHING extra to pay for!
All free scripts are FREE. Free meaning NO cost in monetary amounts. It does NOT mean free to download, nor does it mean free trial or any other deceptive use of the word free. Free means FREE.
There is NOTHING hidden and there are no extra expenses.
SUPPORT support team are fully qualified Bachelor of Technology graduates and therefore have superior knowledge in all areas of webhosting, computers and internet. Our support team are NOT hired help or outsourced virtual assistants with no knowledge of how to solve your problems.
Your support issues will be answered promptly and will be handled by the SAME person until a resolution is completed.
Support is available 24/7 and 365 days and response times vary from minutes to a maximum of 12 hours for issues marked “normal priority” by you.
Some plans have priority support. Plans with priority support will be answered ahead of standard support responses.
Please note that support issues are restricted to support issues with services offered AT and does not include support for scripts where support is handled by the script supplier, or other.
REFUNDS refund guarantee. guarantees to refund any monies paid for webhosting plans if your website(s) are offline for more than 0.01% of the total time you have hosted with us (per YEAR), or if you find any area that does not match our claims on any part of this website:
Please note that your FREE DOMAIN name (paid for by for 12 months) will be DEDUCTED from any hosting fee amount.
Refund amounts will only be available for the TIME REMAINING on your plan and not for the full purchase price, ie: Cancelling in the 11th month will equal ONE MONTHS refund MINUS the domain name costs incurred by
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