Find the cheapest web hosting type for your website. All websites have different needs depending on their uses and what you install in them. Cheaphostr has the cheapest web hosting for all site types.

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All sites are different

Even a standard web site will have differences to other websites just like it. Though these differences are mainly styling, colors used, names of pages and etc, each function you add to the site adds to it’s use of storage, either in databases or files kept in your folders like pages and images. What you have in your website, or displaying on its pages adds to its bandwidth. Each time a page loads, or a video plays your site uses bandwidth.
It’s important for the correct functioning of your website that your visitors aren’t waiting for your pages to load, or aren’t waiting for a video to start playing OR have the video stop start for buffering every 2 seconds. Your site visitors wont wait around if your site isn’t “up to speed”, they’re unlikely to bookmark you, like your pages on social media, buy anything from you or ever come back again.
Think about what YOU do when you land on a site like this?
Do you stay? Do you keep trying to watch the video?
Or do you “click away” and never come back?

WHY is my website CRASHING!

Site Crashes
Site crashes happen for one of three reasons:
1. Too many people trying to access the website at the same time (not enough bandwidth!)
2. Your webhost has sold more hosting accounts than the server can handle (overselling is common, either from: A: unscrupulous webhosts paying for x amount of room on a server and selling uvwxyz space to clients thinking that not every site will be accessed at the same time OR that no-one will ever notice or know, or B: the hosts of your website aren’t qualified to run a hosting site and have no idea it’s even happening to you! or why all their client sites go down at the same time (if your site with your current host keeps getting messages like: “browser cant find, site busy, try again later” this is usually what is happening.)
Please note: is run by BTech graduates and we guarantee never to oversell server space.
3. The server actually did go offline. This is extremely rare. Extremely, extremely rare. It does happen, and it can, but it’s extremely rare. If it does happen, we’re on it instantly and CAN if we need to, switch to a backup server. (does your current webhost have this service?). Our backup server works like power generators at a hospital, mains power goes, generator kicks in instantly. In other words, if it does happen, it’s likely you’ll never know it happened (at of course!)

Site crashes happen at the WORST possible time!
Which is anytime really.
The last thing you want is to have everyone in the world trying to access your website and no-one being able to load any pages!
Worse still is if you have PAID for adwords and are being charged X amount of dollars everytime someone clicks your link and they get nothing. You’ll pay for it anyway, whether they get the page to load or not.
And when it doesn’t load, they’ll reclick the link again and again to keep trying.
If you’ve paid for advertising somewhere you’ve wasted your money.

All your customers are online at the same time.
Just a little information for you here.
Your site visitors come online at 7pm.
And stay online until between 11pm and 1am.
The next busiest time is from 3pm until 5pm.
Then 5am until 8am.
The busiest days of the week are Saturday, Friday, Sunday, Monday.
THIS is WHEN your site will crash if you don’t have enough bandwidth!
So, what you’ll see is intermittent online/offline happening. It’s there MOST of the time, but then it’s NOT when you most need it! Like when actual customers are trying to BUY from you, they’ll get nothing, or be waiting forever for pages to load or videos to play!
AND You CAN get site crashes outside of these hours, which is confusing until you remember that the internet is worldwide. So it’s 3am where you are but your site is down…
A quick check over at GMT for world times and you find out it’s 7.30pm in America. America just “came online” after all the kids had finished their homework, and the parents arrived home from work and they’ve all eaten dinner, and every single member of the family is now online on separate devices!
And they’re not ALL trying to visit your website, but they’re visiting websites hosted in the same server as yours. Meaning “your” server is overloaded and can’t handle “requests” to show your site because there’s a queue ahead of you.
Your site will eventually come online. But it will be AFTER everyone has logged off and gone to work/school or gone to bed.

Site Crashes shouldn’t happen
1. Ensure your webhosting company has not oversold hosting space on their servers. guarantees not to oversell space on servers.
2. Ensure your webhost does not allow other users to overload the servers. (doesn’t allow hosting types to be used for other website types than the hosting type was built to handle!).
2. Ensure YOU have chosen the CORRECT hosting type for your website.
3. DON’T overload your website pages or folders. Adding music (mp3) files, or video files of ANY kind, or video players uses up bandwidth in HUGE amounts! If your hosting type allows it, no problems. If it doesn’t, it wont handle it and you will be causing your OWN crashes AND causing others sites to crash or not display/load.

In Simple Terms:
You CANT ski behind a row boat

Almost 100% of websites have some form of music and or videos on their websites, and that’s ok, provided that you do it right.
There are TWO ways to have these on your website.
1. EMBED them from somewhere else (costs you nothing and uses bandwidth from another server)

YOU CAN EMBED music and video files on ANY type of website

2. Purchase hosting WITH the ability for you to host your OWN files.

An embed is where you place a link for that file, that video, or music player in your site pages. So, if you’re a musician and you have videos at youtube, you can host them AT youtube, and still display them on your own website without having to purchase higher level hosting plans or using up bandwidth and crashing your site (meaning no-one is going to see the video anyway) or crashing anyone elses.
Hosting your own means that you upload your music and video to your own websites folders and display them from those folders using your own bandwidth.
And you will need VPS hosting. VPS is the ONLY hosting type that has ffmeg capabilites for that type of site, whether it’s music, video or streaming of ANY kind.
Unfortunately no OTHER hosting type has ffmeg and you may not upload music or video to your site files or play music or videos from your own website in ANY other hosting type (standard, unlimited, ecommerce, business hosting does NOT have ffmeg capabilities.)
So, if you DONT want your site to crash use VPS.
Cheaphostr does NOT allow uploading and storing of music/video files to any hosting type other than VPS plans.
Embeds yes, anything else no.
Please note: flash banners from affiliates (hosted elsewhere) and animated gifs are allowed.

All websites are limited by laws concerning copyright, trademark infringements, and standard worldwide laws concerning child protection, illegal trades and acts, racism and etc, and limitations on services per plan. Please read the terms and conditions for more information.
No hosting services at cheaphostr can be used to host websitess for other users (selling or giving sites to family, friends, clients, schools etc)

VPS Hosting
VPS hosting allows you to host ANY type of website including movie streaming, video streaming (like youtube), music, internet radio streaming, podcasts.
VPS may be used for file storage, and file storage sites (cloud storage) and chat sites, including social networks with chat or video chat.
VPS is also best for sites that have HIGH usage by visitors, like social networking sites where there are hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, or millions.

Unlimited hosting means you have:

  • unlimited mysql databases
  • unlimited ftp accounts
  • unlimited email accounts
  • unlimited mailing lists
  • unlimited autoresponders
  • unlimited email redirects
  • unlimited diskspace
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Embed music/video ok

Unilimited does not mean without restrictions. You may NOT store music or video files in your hosting account (may not upload to your site files) and you may not create any type of website that streams or displays music or video in any form UNLESS it is EMBEDDED from another source (eg: youtube).
You may not use your hosting account for file storage either for yourself or others.
You may not HOST websites for any other person or persons, including client sites, family sites or other.
Unlimited hosting is a great starting point for NEW websites that expect to have high visit rates (traffic) or members (social networks). Purchase THIS hosting type and easily upgrade to VPS when you need to!

Single Site Unlimited hosting CAN be used for ecommerce but other unlimited hosting types (3 sites, 10 sites, unlimited sites) cannot. Ecommerce requires a dedicated IP for each domain name and an SSL certificate. These cannot be added to hosting accounts with multiple domains. If you wish to have an ecommerce site choose either of our ecommerce hosting plans. BOTH have all the same unlimited features as our unlimited plans and are built specifially for ecommerce hosting. ie: Cheaphostr ecommerce plans ARE unlimited plans WITH ecommerce additions.

Ecommerce Hosting
Cheaphostr Ecommerce Hosting packages have the same features as our unlimited hosting packages. They are designed specifically for ecommerce sites or business sites (or any other standard website type) with an ecommerce function added to it, ie:
You can install a free ecommerce script with our auto installer, or install your own.
Cheaphostr can transfer your existing site or you can do it yourself.
Cheaphostr con install your ecommerce script for you or you can install it yourself.
Embeds allowed.

Standard Hosting Plans
You are limited by your amount of databases, ftp accounts, bandwidth and diskspace in different amounts per plan.
If you run out of diskspace (files stored in folders, like images) you will not be able to upload more files.
If you run out of bandwidth your site will not display for the remainder of the month. If this happens you can choose to upgrade to a hosting plan with a higher or unlimited amount of bandwidth.
Embedding of videos and music players are allowed, uploading of music or video files to your site files is not allowed.
Standard hosting plans can be used for any type of website including ecommerce. Sites that will take payments AT their site require an SSL and a dedicated IP and you can only host one domain in an ecommerce hosting account (one ecommerce site per domain) because of this requirement. Ecommerce sites should be hosted in our ecommerce package that has all the features you require, including a free SSL certificate and Dedicated IP as well as mailing lists. Standard Hosting packages do not have these and if you use this hosting type you will have to purchase the two separately. The ecommerce hosting package is cheaper.

If you’re not sure what type of hosting you need read more information from the links at the bottom of this page, or contact cheaphostr.

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