Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Not just Managed, but FULLY Optimized Managed WordPress Hosting!

  • Auto Setup
  • Auto Updating
  • Auto Backups
  • Auto Secured
  • Auto Caching

Fully Hosted in the CLOUD

  • Lightening Fast Load Times with Global CDN
  • Ceph-Based Cloud Based Security
  • 1000's free themes
  • 1000's free plugins
  • 100% Responsive to ALL devices
  • Unlimited Pages & Blog Posts
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fully Open Source

Business Websites, Ecommerce Websites, Blogs, Personal Sites, Musician Sites…ANY type of website!

WordPress is a full CMS (content management system) simply install plugins to build your website.

WordPress has fully customizable themes, and free plugins including web page builders, Free ecommerce plugins including selling on ebay, social media & social media posting & shop integration

Our Fully Managed WordPress plans are available from 1 to 5 websites hosted in the same plan, and a choice of added Security Suite!
Free Domain names not included.

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Fully Managed Wordpress Hosting, for blogs, business, ecommerce & more. 1000's free themes & plugins. Auto setup managed wordpress hosting, auto caching, security, backups & more. See all features Managed Wordpress Hosting at best prices

WordPress FAQ

WordPress is a full CMS
Worpress is a full CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. From your admin area you can make pages, blog posts, upload images to use in your pages, install plugins to add features.

WordPress is 100% RESPONSIVE to ALL devices
WordPress resizes to fit all devices and all screen widths AUTOMATICALLY.
WordPress fits screens for phones, tablets & desktops AND is coded to include any NEW device that hasnt yet been invented!

WordPress has a media library
Upload images, pdfs and more. Your media library allows you to add titles and alt tags to images that will be automatically added whenever you add that image to any page.
PDFs and images can be displayed for viewing or made available for download

WordPress is fully CUSTOMIZABLE
WordPress has an inbuilt customizer. This allows you to add your logo and change your theme to match your color design.

WordPress has THOUSANDS of free themes!
You dont need to buy premium themes or hire a developer. From your wordpress admin you can view 1,000’s of free themes and can preview or install with a single click!

WordPress has THOUSANDS of free plugins!
Plugins add features to your website, including slideshows, social media integration, emails & quote forms & booking forms, mailing lists, affiliate link cloaking, click to call buttons, SEO & much, much more!

WordPress has UNLIMITED PAGES and UNLIMITED Blog posts
There are NO limits to the amount of pages you can make, or the amount of blog posts you can write.
Make unlimited categories for your blogs, and unlimited MENUS.

WordPress is made for blogs
To add a blog to your website, simply make a page named: blog, and then select that page in the settings. Done!
Your blog posts will display in this page for your readers to select from.

Want Ecommerce?
Install a free ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce, to turn your website into a FULL ecommerce website. With pages AND a blog!
Woocommerce comes with a free shopping theme, and comes complete with payment processors (paypal etc), and shipping modules.
Woocommerce can be configured for credit cards, after pay services and posting to facebook stores, ebay and more!
Use woocommerce for selling products, services, ordering (food services etc), digital downloads and all your online selling!

WordPress is fully open source and editable!
No hidden or locked off areas. If you need to add coding, or make some changes you have full access to all areas for editing. You can make childthemes and customise for colors and design.
Easily add your verification codes, pixel codes, and any other codes!
Add your site link to the footer.

WEB BUILDER PLUGINS available! Free!
You dont need to buy or use web builder hosting plans anymore! WordPress has many FREE web page builder plugins you can install. These have ALL page builder features that web builder hosting plans have, and in some instances have MORE features!
Simple to use, one click to install. Control text sizes, colors, fonts, add images, embed videos, add slideshows, links, social share buttons and more!

WordPress supports ALL languages
and multi language websites

WordPress supports Multicart Ecommerce!
Turn your wordpress ecommerce store into a multistore, like ebay, where sellers have their own store, sell and manage their own products, and your earn commission by % set by you!

WordPress has all the required elements for SEO
Believe it or not, some platforms DONT. A missing canonical tag can completely ruin your websites seo. If you have no clue about coding, and whats needed in a websites source codes, rest assured that wordpress INCLUDES all the required coding you NEED!

Maintained and updated
Your fully managed and optimized wordpress hosting is kept updated at all times. The moment an update for wordpress, your theme or plugins are available, they are updated immediately. Your website will be maintained at optimal levels, and YOU wont have to do a thing! No updates!