most asked pre questions

I’ve just paid for my domain name or renewal elsewhere! Do I have to wait to transfer?
No. You don’t. It does cost money to transfer domain names to a new registrar but in most hosting plans WE PAY the transfer fee and not you. So transferring will cost you nothing.
Please note that free transfers are not available on the BUDGET hosting plan or the VPS 20 gb plan. For all other plans you can transfer any time you like!
Also note that pays transfers for ONE domain name PER hosting plan on all plans. Any others you transfer will require you to pay the transfer/renewal fee for each domain.
If you have a plan with us that does not include a free domain name transfer it is best that you leave your domain name where it is until your next renewal is due. When you receive a notification of renewal you can transfer it to then.
If you have just paid your renewal, and you have chosen a plan at cheaphostr that does NOT include a free domain name in the hosting package and you do still decide to transfer to cheaphostr the fee that you pay will pay for your NEXT years renewal.

Can I leave my other domains where they are until they’re due for renewal but still host my websites at cheaphostr?
Yes. All you have to do is change your DNS settings to cheaphostr. You can read more about that on the how to transfer page.
We do recommend you transfer the domain name you will be using for your website plan or plans. Cheaphostr pays for transfers so it wont cost you any more to do it at the same time.

I’ve just paid for my next hosting fee with my current host! Do I need to wait until that’s ended?
No. You don’t.
You will have to weigh the costs involved to you staying with your current host. Some hosts charge “monthly” fees, but then have you pay for the whole year in one payment. hosting fees are once only and for the full year, so, if you are currently paying your webhost over $30 a month for hosting and cheaphostr.coms plan is $36 for the year it is not financially viable for you to complete your year.
You can transfer to cheaphostr at any time. Simply choose your prefered hosting plan, then backup all your databases, folders, files etc and place them in your new hosting account (transfers).

I can’t find my domain name key to transfer at my current registrar
Some webhosts call it a “domain secret” some call it a domain key, or your registrar may call it something different. Some registrars DONT display or allow you to see your domain key and this is 100% against the rules. They may not hide it, or stop you from seeing it at all times in your user account. You own the name and you are free to transfer it anytime you wish. You do not need their approval.
If your current registrar has hidden your key send them a support email and remind them they are in breach of the terms and conditions of ICAAN. You will have your key swiftly. You do not need to answer any questions from them. If you still can’t find it, or they wont respond or give you your key, contact support to work with you.

I paid for a 1 cent domain promotion elsewhere and now they wont let me have my domain name
This was part of the deal you agreed to when you clicked the “I agree” on the terms and conditions.
Find out how much longer your domain name is “locked” to that registrar. You may have to wait until it is completed. These promotional deals can lock you in for anything from 3 months to five years! And are usually paired with a 1 cent hosting deal or a free first month or similar. Usually these webhosts have limited services on their plans and charge high prices for them. The 1 cent deal locks you into paying for their hosting fees. Most customers are too scared to transfer once they’ve built a website, thinking they might mess everything up if they do. Unfortunately they know that.
You may want to simply use a NEW domain name. Most cheaphostr plans have a free domain name included.
If you decide to do this you can copy all your website files and place them in your new website at cheaphostr (Dont forget to delete the files on your old site). If you need help contact cheaphostr support to help you transfer. Its free.

I have a domain portfolio with a large number of domains to transfer> has free parking for transferred domains and these will be added to your user account area. All parked domains have a free email account but do not have any website associated with them or any viewable pages.
Free transfers are only available with hosting accounts.
If you wish to bulk transfer the domain names use our BULK TRANSFER tool. Again we recommend you wait for your renewal notices to arrive. If you prefer not to wait any transfer fees you pay will include the next years renewal payment.

I only want to host one website but I have more domain names. How can I do that?
Each member/user of cheaphostr has a client portal where you will manage all of your domains and websites. It is separate from your c panel. You can “park” any domains youre not currently using for free. Simply transfer them to cheaphostr as the renewal date approaches.

My hosting account only allows one domain but I want to buy more domains.
Your cheaphostr user portal is separate from your hosting accounts. Some clients have more than one hosting account, eg: one ecommerce account, one unlimited account.
You can buy or store unlimited domain names in your user portal at cheaphostr, and park them for free. Parked domains receive free email accounts, so you can use them for mails without purchasing a hosting package.
If you decide to use one you simply purchase the hosting package that you wish to use for it and add it to that cpanel for that hosting account OR if you have hosting already with ADDON domains allowed you can add it to that without needing to buy more hosting.
Of course if you ALREADY have a hosted account, and you don’t have ADDON domains, or you’ve used all your addon domains for that account, and you want to use the domain, we suggest you upgrade to another plan that will give you enough addon domains instead of purchasing a second hosting plan. Doing this allows you to manage all your domains in one c panel, with one admin login, instead of two, three or more c panel accounts for each separate website hosting account!
You should only purchase separate hosting accounts IF your website types are different, ie: one is ecommerce with SSL and Dedicated IP and one is a standard hosting type that does not require SSL and Dedicated IP.
ALL of your hosting accounts will be accessible from your user portal. This means if you have MORE than one hosting account, you can log into your user portal at cheaphostr, and click the account you wish to manage/edit/add to and go directly to that c panel WITHOUT having to log into each separately (one username, one password, one login for all hosted accounts from your user portal at no matter how many sites you host.)

What is an ADDON domain?
An addon domain is another domain name you may add to be hosting in that hosting account.
Example: Your website is hosted with the domain name:
You may purchase or transfer another domain name eg: and add it to your hosting account. Now you have TWO websites. In the same plan and for the same price. There is no extra fee for hosting that website!
Most cheaphostr plans have addon domains, but addon domains cannot be added to ANY ecommerce hosting plan because of the need of a DEDICATED IP. This means ecommerce hosting can ONLY have one domain hosted.

What is a subdomain?
A subdomain is where you use the SAME domain name to create another website. Using subdomains allows you to only buy one domain name but still host other sites, or parts of your own website separately.
You can then make/build more complete sites, and install more scripts in your databases.
OR if you’ve managed to purchase a really good KEYWORD domain like you can use it for SEPARATE websites and really cash in on keywords, like:
These types of keyword domains are called DOMAIN KILLERS. That means you virtually have the whole market covered from that one domain name. Imagine if you owned,,,, OR,
Domain names like these sell for MILLIONS of dollars at auction.
Like cheaphostr

Can I install more sites in my folders?
Yes. You are only limited by the amount of databases available for your webhosting plan. You CAN still install more sites in those folders by using standard html pages instead of scripts that require databases.
If you need more databases to install more upgrade to another plan.
Site folder installs would be:

I want to add another function to my site, like a forum. Do I need to buy another domain name for it?
No. You can if you wish to but it’s not necessary. Just add it to a folder, or create a subdomain.
When you’re installing in a folder, eg:, click the auto installer, choose the script you wish to install, select the DOMAIN you want to install it in, then ADD the name of the folder in the text area provided. You dont have to call it forums.

My website script goes to a payment processor for payments. Do I still need to purchase ecommerce hosting?
Ecommerce hosting, or rather, an SSL certificate and a Dedicated IP are required to take payments AT your website. If your payments, and financial information, will be handled by a payment processor, like paypal, then you do not require ecommerce hosting OR an SSL or a dedicated IP.
You can use ANY hosting type for scripts that “escape” your site to a payment processors site that HAS https in the URL and uses SSL a dedicated IP and encrypts transactions.
Scripts that do this require you to purchase them, meaning that they will cost you anywhere FROM $80 to $3000 plus. There are disadvantages with purchasing them. 1. Do you get everything? Or are they going to make you pay more for additions like a responsive script, or apps for phone purchases. Do you have to buy more mods to install all your products by ftp? Do you have to buy more to work out shipping costs OR add shipping companies for deliveries. Do you need to buy more to have gift wrapping done. Or same day deliveries. The cheaper they are, the less they have.
2. Is the script supported? And do you get updates? Are you paying for a one time purchase, and then when they update the script you DONT get a copy of the new one? Are they only going to give you 30 days support? Or none? Or are they charging you per month for it? Do they have FREE support, or a FREE forum for you to use? Are they asking you to pay for an installation?
3. How MANY installations are you allowed for your purchase? One site only? or unlimited?
4. Can you customise it to your site design? Or do you have to pay for the priviledge? Is it open source? Do they let you REMOVE footer links to their website or do you have to pay for that too?
5. Are they charging you monthly fees to USE their script but YOU never own it? You should NEVER use one of these services UNLESS they are offering you something extra you CANT get anywhere else, or cheaper or free anywhere else, like ftp feeds for coupons, or price comparisons or affiliate products that you will be onselling from your website, eg: you have access to brand name products from a wholesaler to sell in your retail store. IF you are doing this you can still do it WITHOUT using THEIR script! Use your OWN script and import from a site that offers ftp services! If you don’t know how to do it, find someone that does! It will save you hundreds a year and thousands over your hosting years!

Always remember every dollar you spend is a dollar in someone elses bank account instead of yours.

Cheaphostr ecommerce scripts are free and are constantly free, updated and have support. And they’re ALL responsive.
It is cheaper for you to pay for what you need when you need it, and will also be cheaper to HIRE a programmer to add what you want (if you cant do it yourself) than to pay monthly fees just to have the function= one outlay, permanent, no more payments. Monthly rates= continuous outlay, permanent, continuing payments BUT if you discontinue paying you will either loose the service or the support plus updates.
There are some ecommerce scripts that are less than $100, and are fully supported with future updates and everything included WITHOUT paying any future costs. Links to these are available in your user portal. (note: It’s free to join cheaphostr, you don’t need to purchase hosting to have a free user account!)

Can I install my own ecommerce script in my ecommerce hosting account?
Our Ecommerce Accounts are a cheaphostr build service. We install it and set it up ready for you including your SSL certificate and dedicated IP.
We also have FREE transfers of your domain name and whole website if you’re moving your site from other hosting.
IF you prefer to install your OWN purchased ecommerce script just let us know when ordering by ticking the box that says: I’ll install my own script and set up my own site.

If I dont have hosting can I still transfer my domain names for free?
Unfortunately no. Transferring a domain name incurs the cost of the next years renewal fee. With our hosting packages cheaphostr pays this cost for you, in other words it’s an all in one package deal. If we allowed this we would soon have millions of users transferring to us, and as such have tens of millions of dollars worth of domains to pay for ourselves, which if we had the funds to doso would be a business boon to us, BUT as most of the free account holders would transfer out before making a payment the second and further years we would incur costs that would be unable to be recouped.
If we could do it, we would, but unfortunately it’s NOT a financially viable option.
We are however considering ways we CAN do this, and it may be included on future packages for EXISTING clients/users as a reward scheme.
Again, the best way to do this is to wait until your domain names are due for renewal and transfer to cheaphostr at that time, in other words DONT pay renewal fees at your current registrar. Go to cheaphostr.coms domain transfer page and TRANSFER the domain. The cost will be roughly the same. Transfer fees ARE the cost of your next years renewal (it’s the same thing), ie: registration, renewal, transfer all have the same pricing and outcome. You DONT pay for transfer AND renewal. It’s the same payment, just a different word use.

My current domain registrars prices for domains are cheaper
This isn’t unusual. You should look at the services that are included with your domain name. Most hosts charge less but then ask for more money for other services that you have to pay separately for, like whois protection, domain lock (you should NEVER not have this!) and email accounts. Then they may also charge more for features on your email account like webmail or mailing lists, or charge you for the amount of email accounts you can have.
All of these items are included with your domain names at cheaphostr and we will only charge you for the registration or renewal price of your domain and give you all the extra features for free. IF your hosting account has a free domain name you wont be paying for anything, so your 1 cent domain name from your current provider is actually more expensive, and most probably does NOT have all the free features that cheaphostr provides.
Registrars with $4 domains (+/-) know that you will need to pay more money for services you need for your websites, like emails. Even if they only charge $3 for each extra service your costs will be higher for the same thing.
Domain name $4
whois protection: $3
domain lock: $3
50 email accounts: $3 (then usually 100=$5 200=$8 etc)
mailing lists $3
And there would be more, so basically your cheaper $4 domain nets them approximately $16 plus instead of around $11 for everything at cheaphostr.
The usual cost of these extras is between $5-6 each, not $3 as in our example, so they would actually be charging you $25+.
Please check what is included with your current registrar and then compare.
Different domain name extensions have different prices, so you need to also check the price of the extensions.

Cheaphostr plans are PER YEAR but what about bandwidth?
Bandwidth is calculated MONTHLY. So, if your plan allows 5 gigabytes of bandwidth you are allowed 5 gigabytes per month. With unlimited plans, ecommerce and VPS bandwidth is unlimited per month. Only our standard plans and business webhosting plans have choices of bandwidth amounts. Business Unlimited is specifically built for businesses that require unlimited bandwidth, diskspace, databases, ftp and emails.

What is diskspace?
Diskspace is the amount of space reserved for you to hold information in your hosting account. It is your alloted amount of room on the server for all your files and etc, like your images and site pages.
Your diskspace is a total amount allowed, whatever that plan allows that’s the maximum amount of room you have in your folders. If you exceed it you wont be able to upload anymore files. You would then have to delete files to make room or upgrade to a plan with more diskspace.
It works the same as you can’t put 4 gallons of water in a 3 gallon bucket.

I’ve never had a website before
Try not to let it overwhelm you. Owning a website can seem daunting but it’s not as complicated as your fears are telling you! plans are straightforward and in plain english. If you’re not sure what type of hosting you need, or what domain extension to use we’re happy to help you out! Simply use our contact form, tell us what type of site you would like to have and we’ll give you the information for free or read compare webhosting to see what each plan has, read site types for a more general explanation of what you intend to use it for, or limitations to see what CANT be done with your hosting type.
Each hosting account has a control panel that is designed for ease of use, most functions only require you to CLICK on what you wish to do. There are instruction texts and instructional videos with pause and rewind. Setting up your control panel is as simple as logging in, there will be a setup window that will walk you through each thing you need to do. And you can repeat it at any time.
Basically it’s no different to using your home computer (images go in image folders etc), or using an account on a website (username, password, email address), or when editting your site, no different to sending an email (write the texts, add attachments) but instead of clicking send, you click update.
For brand new website owners/users there are help pages in your user portal, ie: What do I do next?
This page is intended to help you after you have finished setting up your c panel, and walks you through how to add your domain names (if you are adding an addon domain, if not, it will already be done), and how to install a website script and get your website online!

Do I need to know code?
Most scripts available use a CMS, which is a content management system. If you’ve never seen one before it looks and works similar to ANY user page on most websites that you belong to. The only difference is that you have control over the WHOLE website and not just your user area. You will create pages the same way, and upload images etc the same way, by typing texts and clicking save, or by clicking upload buttons and selecting the image from your folders.
99.99% of all scripts that you use have user manuals, support persons or forums where you can get help with any queries.
Writing codes directly to website pages is now very rare and is usually only done by those with code knowledge that wish to make changes.

What does FREE transfer mean?
A free Domain Name transfer means that cheaphostr will pay for the transfer. It wont cost you anything to transfer your domain name to cheaphostr. Domain names can only be transferred free with hosting accounts.
Free transfers of websites are available for cheaphostr clients with a hosting account. Cheaphostr staff will back up your sites databases and files and move them to your new hosting account. Your site will never go offline. This is a free service. Please note that transfers are limited to the amount of hostable domains for your hosting plan, eg: if your hosting plan is for 10 hostable domains, we’ll transfer 10. If you have MORE sites to transfer than your plan allows, speak to support and we’ll see what options are available.

Why is so cheap?
Easy. Cheaphostr.coms owners are computer experts. Experts in coding, internet and a lot of related areas, including web design, site building, graphics, seo. But we’re more than that. owners searched out the best possible deals for all aspects of cheaphostr, eg: super secure servers, the best suppliers of domain names, script suppliers and etc. One of our admins has a business degree, so combining our Bachelor of Technology (graduates) experts knowledge with their business knowhow on finding better deals and negotiating better terms and pricing cheaphostr built a hosting platform with the very best of all features and with the lowest costs for us to use for our own hosting needs and programming needs.
And then we made it available to our families, our friends, our work colleagues.
And word spread. Fairly soon our families, friends, work colleagues were emailing us with “My friend/brother/neighbour needs hosting, can you help them out?”
And now we’re passing that onto all.
Webhosting does not have to be expensive. is FULL service and low cost.
Plus, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we charged you what other hosts do!

If you’d like us to stay cheap, we’re relying on you to spread the word by telling your family and friends about us. Every $1 we don’t have to spend on advertising is a $1 we don’t have to include in our hosting fees!

What does FREE mean?
Free means free.
And by free we mean it does NOT cost any money.
We’ve ALL seen websites where they claim something as a free download, and then you go there only to find the item has a cost involved but the download is free, meaning they dont charge you to download it but they do for the product. We DONT do that. Free means free.
And, like you, we’ve also been deceived by free offers that end up being free 30 day trials. We don’t do that either.
All inclusions with cheaphostr plans and domain names and email accounts that are listed as FREE are FREE. There are no more costs involved, no trials etc.

Is it ALWAYS free or will I have to pay for it next year?
Yes, it’s always free. Everything included in your plan will stay in your plan. You will have ALL the same features and we wont remove anything or ask you to pay for anything that you signed up for as a FREE inclusion.

Do you have affiliate plans?
Unfortunately no we dont. And the reason is simple, we don’t overcharge our customers. Affiliate income is based on giving the affiliate a share of our hosting fees as a reward for bringing new customers to us.
Because our prices are so cheap in the first place there is virtually no affiliate earnings that would encourage affiliates to actively market our services.
We PREFER to instead give that price difference back to our actual customers by NOT charging them the extra we would need to pay affiliates.
Our thinking is this: Our customers will gladly brag about their savings and our services and pass this information to others.
Our goal is to provide top services for low prices.

Your servers are in the USA. Can I still use cheaphostr?
It makes NO difference what country you are from, or what domain extension you are using. The internet is GLOBAL and you are NOT confined to your own country or area to host any website.
Many people believe that if their business is based in Australia (or UK, NZ or any other country), then they MUST also buy a domain name with that country in the extension, like, and host their website only in servers that are inside that country. Both of these are false. uses US based servers because of their security (super secure servers), speed, and available server space for pricing (business costing decision). We could have easily decided on servers from any country that met our security requirements and pricing.
Your website will display online NORMALLY no matter what country you are from.
An important difference may be that your website security may be higher with us, server speeds are likely to be higher/faster/better.
Your country of origin and your domain name extension is NOT a factor.

My current site(s) go offline a lot. Is this going to happen at
In a single word NO. has a 99.99% uptime guarantee, meaning that we guarantee your site will be online for 99.99% of the time. We’d say 100% but we’re not allowed to.
Some webhosts are unscrupulous, and others are simply running their hosting service as a business without the technical knowhow to manage the upper level functions. What this means is they “oversell” space on their servers. They have too many client websites using up all the diskspace and bandwidth, and once all the visitors come on line the server becomes overloaded and crashes. You will see messages like “unable to find the server” and “try again later”. These are messages from the server, and it works the same as someone trying to phone your phone while you’re speaking on it, technically it’s the same as an engaged signal. carefully manages the amount of sites we keep in each server and ensure they are never oversold or overloaded. If this is happening with your current host they wont admit it.
Server crashes are rare, webhosts that sell more space than they have are common.

A secondary problem is “ghost files” where each website creates automated backup files of content (you wont ever see it), and a webhost is supposed to clear this. Most don’t even know it’s there. So, example: you have 400mb of files in your site, but having a ghost file for them makes it 800. If its not cleared from ALL the websites managed it can add up to massive amounts of Gigabytes the server is storing that it no longer requires. So in general terms, though our clients only have 1000GB of files in their sites, including ghost files the server is holding 2000GB of files. Most webhosts dont clear these files. is run by BTech Grads. We don’t oversell server space and we clear outdated files.

How long does it take for my domain name registration to complete?
A new domain name can take about 24 hours to complete registration and be available for use. This waiting period is due to ICAAN and not cheaphostr.

How long does it take for my webhosting to be ready to start building my sites?
It can take up to 24 hours depending on your domain name. Our system is fully automated so you will receive all your login info instantly. You will receive an automated email from to let you know when it’s ready.

How long does it take cheaphostr to build my website?
It doesn’t take long. We can build your business or ecommerce site in less than an hour, and usually faster than you can. The length of time will depend on how many business or ecommerce site builds are ahead of your order in the queue. It can be between 2 hours and 3 days *but we’ll have a time estimate where you can read it on the order page so you know before you order.
We may also experience delays if you have not given us all the information we need to build it, or fail to respond promptly to any email questions we send you concerning the build – if we don’t have the information we can’t build it until we do!

Where can I see a demo of my Business Website?
You’re looking at one right now. is built from the exact same structure as our business webhosting plans. Everything you see here is included in your business website build with the exception of the payment processor (that’s not included in the build). Your business website is delivered with 5 pages and a contact page, with an editable form (the same as, but as you can see, you can add as many pages as you need.
We build your website using wordpress, which is a highly trusted CMS (content management system). There are thousands of free themes available at the wordpress site, so what your site looks like will depend on which choice you make.
There are also thousands of plugins that you can install to add more features to your website, like calendars, calculators, polls and voting. The scripts are customisable for your site colors and have a wysiwyg edittor for adding more pages.
If you’d like to visit wordpress to see what choices you have, what plugins are available for free, or see the admin go to our wordpress hosting page for the links.

Where can I see a demo of my Ecommerce Websits?
Cheaphostr installs a FREE ecommerce script to your website from the selection provided by softaculous. Softaculous is a website that allows script developers to place their free scripts in one place for use by all. Scripts at softaculous are tested to ensure usability, bug free etc.
Before we install your ecommerce script cheaphostr will ask you to visit softaculous and decide on which ecommerce script you would like installed. We strongly recommend Prestashop, however some users prefer others from the list. Prestashop is a FULL ecommerce platform, is strongly supported, regularly updated, has a strong forum and is regularly improved upon! Prestashop is able to be used to host B2B and B2C websites.
You can see the ecommerce scripts, and test out the admins by visiting softaculous

I want to add more features to my website, can cheaphostr help me if I cant do it myself?
We can.
All of our staff are qualified BTechs (on support). And we do offer services in excess of what is contained in any cheaphostr plan. If you don’t feel comfortable adding features to your website yourself we can help you. We do have service fees for extra work, but as you’ve probably already guessed, we’re cheaper.
Our services include adding features like slideshows, installing scripts (ours or one you purchased- if they have an installation or setup fee we’re cheaper), css customisations, design changes, and our graphic artist can make your logos.
If you need something high level, like a major work, we can handle that too.
And…we’ll find you the EXACT right person for the work you want done. Searching through freelancer sites isn’t productive. Just because a worker on there has completed six hundred websites and has great reviews doesn’t mean they built the site in full compliance or with correct meta tagging and seo! It just means they outbid other workers six hundred times and some people wrote some nice things about them.
We’ll work for anyone (provided your work type is within our criteria ie: nothing illegal, nothing that is offensive/against our policies). But our prices are cheaper for cheaphostr customers with hosting accounts!
If you want the best price, order your services from your cheaphostr user portal.

Where can I see a demo of C Panel?
Vist the C Panel website here.
If you’ve never hosted before try not to let it scare you off. It’s really very simple. Your C Panel hosting area has help pages and help videos with pause and rewind to help you do anything you need to do! Plus, the first time you go to your C Panel there is a “walk through” setup. Just follow the prompts, enter the information required as you go and in minutes your C Panel will be set up and ready for you to install your site. Also, your cheaphostr user portal has information on what to do next and how to do it in plain english!

Do you have credits for adwords?
No. We don’t. Some hosts do offer this but cheaphostr decided against it based on the fact that it would add to the cost of all hosting fees. Though other hosts say that it’s free it’s actually included in your hosting charges. Cheaphostrs plan is to keep hosting fees as cheap as possible for all our users. It is actually cheapest for you to host your sites at cheaphostr and buy these credits for yourself.

Can I place advertising on my websites?

Can I sell advertising space on my websites?
You can install any advertisment selling script, you can place banners from affiliate networks, text links, adwords or any other form of advertising you like. It’s your website.

Do you have footer links on my site or any other ID?
No. We definately dont. does NOT add links or any identifying markers anywhere in your sites or other.
Absolute ZERO.

Note: Some free scripts from our range of free scripts may have links to the MAKER of the script, usually in the footer area. 99% of the time these are legally removable. You will have to check with the script maker if their terms and conditions for use forbid it, but as a general rule any script that is licenced “open source” and free to edit has NO restrictions on removing any footer links.

Do you use I Frames or any other way of displaying my sites?
No. All hosted sites at are fully fledged websites and hosting platforms. There are no I Frames or anything else used to deliver your files to browsers. If your current host is using I Frames to display your websites online you should know that the search engines DONT crawl these sites and you have NO seo no matter what you have on your website! You should NEVER use I Frames for websites! Most hosts that do this also sell SEO services. Without it your site will NEVER display on search engine results for anything! Almost 100% of hosts with sitebuilders deliver by I Frame.
To check if your current site is displaying in an I Frame open your website in a browser and right click on the page and choose VIEW SOURCE. IF you see this code anywhere <i frame you know you have i frame delivered websites!

How do I set up my C panel?
When you first log into your c panel hosting account admin area a window will open asking you if you want to be guided through. If you know what you’re doing you can click “No thanks”, but if you follow the prompts it will take you through the setup proceedure allowing you to do your setup one thing at a time in a simple way to understand. It only takes a few minutes and when it’s completed your c panel is set up ready for you to use. You can redo the setup at any time just by clicking to start the guide through again.

Where do I get help if I can’t understand how to use my websites control panel?
There are help texts and video players showing step by step how to perform all the tasks in your websites control panel. If you’re confused or not sure what something is or how it works, watch a video. They have pause and rewind so you can watch it as many times as you need to.
Control panel (c panel) was built to make webhosting simpler. It may seem daunting at first but you wont be daunted for long.
If you still have problems there are links to the c panel website (help, documentation, forums).

Should I buy a country extension for my domain name?
Yes and No.
There are pros and cons for both. But mostly cons.
You may be able to buy a domain name that is NOT available in a TLD.
You can register a business name with the same name as the domain name.
1. You will ONLY be found on search engines IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. So, these domain extensions like .us .ca etc are ONLY good for businesses trading ONLY in their own area, like lawn mowing services etc. IF you want to trade globally, meaning you can add an ecommerce shop to your website and start selling items online globally you WONT be found globally! Even if you’re a hairdresser living in London you can still sell hair products to someone living in Canada or Cuba. If you have a extension you will ONLY be found by people searching in the UK.
2. They usually cost MORE to register and in some instances you will be required to have a business registration as well, eg: extensions require the registration of a business name at a cost of over $100, and the domain name may only be registered for 2 years at a time. Cost per year=$115. The cost of a .com is approximately $10-12 per year with NO more to pay.
.com is GLOBAL and will only return results on australian search engines.
So, if you’re in Canada or New Zealand or Spain and you’re wondering WHY you don’t get any sales from any other country maybe it’s your domain name…
Story: We recently rebuilt a website for a motel in Australia. They had been trading under a name for many years and were completely relying on bookings being made from a “motel booking site”. In other words, the only customers they ever had were from the booking site that was charging them a percentage of each booking, or from motorists driving by who were tired and needed somewhere to sleep.

The problem was visitors from overseas never found their motel when looking for places to book BECAUSE it was a And by the time they arrived in the country they had already booked and paid for other motels.
So, we set up a “sister” website (we kept the to compare) and used a .com
Bookings went through the roof.

My domain has a country extension, does that matter?
It doesn’t matter which country you are from or what the extension is on your domain name. There is absolutely NO reason for you to only be hosted in your own country. You should host your domain or website where there are super secure servers and where the host guarantees not to oversell server space, and where the features you require for your hosting are superior, and of course, costs less money.
Your website will display online normally, with NO time delay (yes we get asked this question). And NO-ONE will ever know!
On the business side of things, the money you save at cheaphostr can be used to add to your advertising budget!

Am I allowed to host sites for other people?
No. And you should NOT under any circumstances do this.
Firstly it’s against our terms and conditions.
Secondly if one of these “other people” does something illegal, like sends spam emails, or behaves in a “manner contrary to etiquette” (breaks a law) they could get ALL your sites blackbanned on search engines, and you could find all your emails get bounced back as “unable to deliver” messages. The internet has laws, and there are usual laws to concerning copyright, defamation and the list goes on. If someone you’re hosting breaks a law YOU will be held responsible because the account is registered in YOUR name.
You should also NOT give email accounts to anyone. Business owners that give their staff email accounts should ensure all staff know the rules of sending and receiving emails.

How do I pay for hosting? What payments do you take?
We take payments through paypal, at paypal. So, you can choose to pay with your paypal funds or use a credit card. You do not need to have a paypal account to make a payment.
IF you would like to make a direct back transfer you can. You can either do this by arranging it through your paypal account or contacting cheaphostr support to arrange it.

I want to open an ecommerce site, do I need a paypal account.
Yes. You will. You could try running a sales website without it but most of your customers use it. Paypal accounts are free to open and use. There are charges and fees for websites that take payments (this will be you), but they are small percentages per sale. You can also get a merchant account that has a monthly fee which enables you to “name” your business on the invoices and receipts instead of using your real name and address. Note you don’t need this.

I am interested in a business website but I’m worried it will be too technical for me. I know NOTHING about computers and websites.
If you are able to send emails and add attachments to emails you’ll be fine. Our business websites are installed using a CMS, a content management system. You DONT need to know code. Cheaphostr will set up your site ready for you to add your information to, so all you’ll need to do is login to your admin area, click on the page that we’ve made that you want to add information to and start typing.
Your business website has an image library with drag and drop. When you want to add an image to your site you click the image symbol above your text edittor and simply click the image you want to use.
You can add links by clicking an internal page selection or pasting the link into a window that opens.
We use the same type of one click installs for your responsive slider.
There’s plenty of information/help for you available including help links on every page for everything you will be doing.

I’d like to completely setup my website before anyone sees it
Yes you can do that. Cheaphostr has password protected files and folders, so just right click on the websites folder, choose password protect and add a password and then only you will see it. Remove the password protection when you are ready to launch.

How long does it take search engines to index my website?
It can take anywhere from 2 hours to 6 weeks. And this depends on what information you have on your website. If you have NO texts there is nothing for the search engine bots to read. The more texts you have the sooner you will be listed.
As a general setup rule, work on your websites first page FIRST (index page).
You can speed the process up by adding a sitemap to your website.
You can also add your link to googles “register a new website” page, but adding a sitemap is the fastest!
We asked our seo expert and they said “Adding a sitemap usually has you listed in a few hours provided you have your titles written out before you add the sitemap.”

My child wants to open a website, is that okay?
Domain names and websites are registered and anyone purchasing them is required to agree to the terms and conditions of and ICAAN which is the registering body for domain names. As minors can’t be held accountable for legal contracts they are unable to be the registered owner of a domain or a hosting account. BUT you may purchase the domain and hosting in your name and transfer it to them when they reach the age of adult in YOUR country. Transferring ownership is free for you to do, you just change the name of the owner in your user panels.
If you choose to do this please ensure your child KNOWS the rules, they wont be able to claim being a minor as a reason for not acting responsibly as all the documents will be in YOUR NAME.

You may be tempted to just open the website in their name and gather no-one will know and it wont be a problem and you may be right BUT if a problem does arise ICAAN can cancel your domain name registration and is also legally obliged to close the webhosting account.
It’s better for you to do it the right way = open the website in your name and monitor your childs dealings especially if there are any financial dealings (selling items) or refunds to handle. All laws must be obeyed, as well as terms and conditions from payment processors like paypal.
Ensure your child is fully informed that has a zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour in all forms.

We’ve all seen success stories of young children and teenagers making millions from their websites and we’re all for it.

WHY can’t I show videos or have music players on my website?!
You can on VPS hosting, which has ffmeg capabilities.
And you can EMBED music and music players and EMBED video and video players where the files are hosted on a site that DOES have ffmeg, like youtube, vimeo etc.
Our standard hosting plans, business plans, ecommerce plans and unlimited hosting plans do NOT have ffmeg capabilites, so uploading music or video files to your folders, or playing them on your site overloads the system. It will slow down your page loads, and slow your players, videos may not load at all.
If you have videos, upload them to a video site and embed them.
Adding video and music to our standard hosting types (anything other than vps) is against our terms and conditions.
A simple explanation is: You can’t waterski behind a rowboat.
Please note we scan our databases daily. We will find it.

I want cheaphostr to transfer my site but I’m worried it will go offline. How likely is that to happen?
It shouldn’t happen at all. Cheaphostr will backup all your files and databases and completely setup your website at cheaphostr BEFORE we enact any transfers. Transfering a domain name can take 7-10 days to complete. In the meantime your old website will still remain on line. As soon as the transfer is completed your NEW website will come on line. It’s instant and no-one will ever know. There will be NO difference in any url (web address) and you wont have to change any links, or notify anyone, or change any stationary or anything else.

I’m not sure what type of webhosting I need!
That’s completely normal, and that puts you in the statistics of 90% of everyone.
You can start with the most basic plan and upgrade anytime you need to OR go to contact page and email us. Just let us know what type of site you want and we can give you all the details as well as information on the best script to use.
Cheaphostr web hosting plans are built specifically for standard website usage types, unlike other hosts who sell webhosting by bandwidth or diskspace, leaving you unsure which to choose. Read our page named getting started, then select the type of hosting that matches what you want to do. If after all that you still manage to purchase the wrong type of hosting you can easily change your hosting type from your user portal, or ask cheaphostr support for help.

How hard is it to install a website script?
Click, click, click/type, type, click.
Click on INSTALL scripts in your cpanel, click on the name of the script you want to install, click a dropdown selector to choose WHERE you want it installed, type in a new name for a folder (IF you want to install in a folder, if not, you don’t need to type anything), type in your username and passwords and email address for the admin (the same as making an account on any website) then click install.
All done.

How safe are the free scripts? And what about bugs?
They’re pretty safe. Our free scripts are sourced from reputable script makers and all have support, either by onsite forums, email support or help pages and/or instruction manuals. If you find a bug in the script the script maker wants to know about it and wants to fix it.
You don’t have to worry about “infections” like viruses being added to them.

I have an old website that isn’t responsive. How do I change it?
We’d need to see the website to answer the question. The answer is in HOW it is setup, and what script it is using.
There’s the long way, by installing a new responsive script and then copying and pasting all the texts into the new site, and then redoing all the images and etc. And you really don’t want to do that. Ok if it’s only 4 or 5 pages, but if its thousands it’s just not viable.
If your website has databases it can be MUCH quicker, from an hour to a couple of hours to changeover.
And then there’s instant – IF your website uses a cms, and/or a new script is available, installing the new script will fix it instantly.
You can also hire a css coder to add responsive codes to your sites pages. It might just need a few codes added or it may be a major work. And if it’s particulary outdated a good css coder may tell you it’s not worth working on.
If your site is VERY old and is seriously outdated you should change it asap. It may horrify you to know that on most older websites links are unable to be seen, and if they can be seen, unable to be clicked on devices like tablets and phones.
If your website is currently hosted on one of those web builder sites you wont be able to get access to any databases or script pages, so unfortunately it will be cut and paste for all the codes BUT if this is the case we may still be able to find a better way to get it copied for you.
If you’d like us to take a look, contact support and include your url in your email.
Sometimes we aren’t able to tell HOW it was setup without getting some info from you.