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Refund information. is happy to refund your hosting fees for the remainder of your hosting time if you are not satisfied with your hosting services.
Refunds will be made in full for the amount of time remaining on your hosting term of twelve months.
Refunds will not and cannot be made for domain name purchases/transfer fees and for the purchase and use of SSL certificates or dedicated IP, all of which are purchased on behalf of you for your hosting plan and have a minimum term of 12 months from the purchase date.
Refunds will be calculated by:
1. The overall cost of your plan per YEAR
2. Deduction of costs for domain name and/or renewal fees already made prior to your cancellation date (the date at which you notify us).
3. Deduction of any product service prices, eg: SSL certificates or dedicated IP payments for ecommerce hosting plans for that month.
4. The amount of months remaining on your plan minus the deduction of costs of domains &/or service products will be refunded to you.
Purchase of Unlimited hosting plan at $49 per year
Purchased in JANUARY and request cancellation in JULY
=Six months hosted, six months remaining equals $24.50 refund amount due
MINUS $10.50 for domain name
Total amount due for refund =$14.50
PLEASE NOTE that refunds should be requested BEFORE the DATE for the next month has commenced. Refunds requested after the start date of the next month will INCUR that months hosting fee, and in the case of dedicated IPs that cost will also NOT be claimable.
If your hosting package renewal DATE is the 3rd of the month and you request cancellation/refund ON the 3rd or after you will not be entitled to a refund for that MONTH and your refund will be calculated from the 3rd day of the month following.
You do not need to give a reason or have a reason for a refund.
Cheaphostr refund policy is 100% anytime for any reason refund.
On the business side we would like to know why, but it is NOT a condition of our refund policy.
If you’re not happy, we’d like to know about it first. We may be able to fix your problem, or prevent it happening to others.
DOWNGRADING and UPGRADING and changing plans.
Please note you do not need to cancel services or request refunds if you only wish to change hosting types, eg: move hosting to a cheaper hosting plan or upgrade to a different type of plan ie: ecommerce or unlimited plan.
You can upgrade or change plans at any time that you like in your user portal. If you are not sure how to do this contact support for help.
Please dont cancel your hosting and then purchase another plan. Use our upgrade button for upgrades or changing to another hosting type. Cheaphostr staff will do the rest including creditting your NEW plan WITH the remaining funds from your existing plan.
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