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FREE HELP To Transfer your domain name(s) to Cheaphostr domain transfer pages are simple to use, however if you experience difficulties, are worried you may make an error or your current host has hidden your domain key from you, contact cheaphostr support for free help. Yes, we WILL help you do the transfers for you 100% free!
Domain Transfers to are free for some domain extensions with hosting plans.

Free Website Transfers

Free Website Transfer service for Cheaphostr customers. support will back up all your databases and files and move your website to cheaphostr for free! Simply make a user account, then contact support from your User Portal!
Your website will never go offline!
Free Website Transfers for users are limited to the total number of HOSTABLE domains in your webhosting plan, not including subdomains, eg: If you require more transfers to be completed ask cheaphostr support for a quote from your user portal. Don’t worry, we’re cheap!

That’s okay. Just send cheaphostr support an email with information on the type of site you wish to build. We can let you know which hosting type is the right type for you and which script is best to install! Free! Choose a script from our hundreds of free scripts!

Website builds
Cheaphostr has two hosting types that include a website build; Business WebHosting and Ecommerce Webhosting. Simply choose this hosting type and cheaphostr will set up and install your website for you. See links at the bottom of the page for full info.

Extra Services is owned and operated by Bachelor Of Technology Graduates, coders, and webdesigners. Whatever you need done, or whatever problem you are having we are 99% positive we can help you.
There are, of course, some exceptions. We WONT do anything illegal, we wont work on illegal scripts (unlicenced or illegally copied or obtained), and we wont work on outdated scripts (if your script is using old codes or formats it’s better for you to upgrade to a script that uses compliant codes!). And we have the same guidelines for scripts with corrupted or broken codes, ie: There’s no point fixing an outboard motor if the boat has a big hole in it.
What we can do is help you find a replacement and help you to install it.

Our extra services are available for a fee and include:

  • Script Installations (ours or yours)
  • Script customisations & website customisations (colors, texts, areas, additions)
  • Bug fixes (somethings not working etc)
  • Website builds (if you need something different from those already offered)
  • Website additions (add more site areas eg: forums, member sites etc)
  • Customise scripts to match (make all site areas in the same design)
  • FIND you a script to do what you want! If you can’t find it we probably can! And most probably a free script too! (no promises! Not everything’s free! Or invented yet!)
  • REVIEW any script you are thinking of buying and ADVISE you if it’s NOT a good choice! In other words, check with us before you buy something that WONT work or is full of bugs or unsupported or ILLEGAL
  • Update your website to Responsive for tablets and phones. We need to see your website first so that we can establish what needs to be done.
  • Something else? If you’re having technical issues, or cant find something, or fix something, let us know. If we can help we will! We can even help you decide which new computer or tablet/phone to buy and which smart tv will give you best results when watching at home! Or which antivirus software to use!

SEO SERVICES has on staff a very experienced seo expert with years of experience.
Services available include:
Check your website for errors causing issues with your search engine listings. Checks include penalties from search engines, spam violations, errors in your website theme, or errors caused by the theme designer. Speed issues are also checked, including caching, renderblocking and a wide range of other possibilies. Checking your website using software, or online seo site checks is not conclusive and neither of these are able to completely check or find all issues on your website.
Your Website check will include a quote cost to fix all issues. Please note, coding issues found may require additional work be carried out by a coder.
There are a million reasons why your websites seo may not be working, and it has nothing to do with backlinks, or social media integrations. Have an expert check your site and find out the reasons why.
PLEASE NOTE: This website check is NOT an seo “analysis”, and it is NOT a report. We do NOT do seo analysis or seo reports. does NOT supply or work in seo management in any form.


We’re right here. And yes, you can choose to go to a freelancing site for workers however you still have no idea who you have working for you, and whether or not they can actually perform the service. You may see a “worker” who has completed 500 “tasks” but this only means that they have “outbid” other workers 500 times. It doesn’t mean that the work they performed was good work!
Reading reviews on freelancing sites is deceptive to you. It is common that reviews left must be posted within 3 days of work completed and then cannot be changed. MOST work carried out by freelancers will take more than 3 days to show results, examples include: website traffic numbers, seo work and etc. By the time the buyer discovers the work is not what they paid for, or has not worked they cannot get any further service, repairs etc, and they cannot change their review to warn others.

Work on websites is best handled by people you know can perform the work. Work pertaining to your hosting, domain names or website scripts, installations, customisations etc is also best handled by people that know how to perform the work. We MANAGE hosting, and websites 24/7, 365 days a year.

Cheaphostr guarantees our work will be performed correctly! And by the person most qualified to do it! And in most instances we are CHEAPER and complete the work faster!

Cheaphostr support is manned 24/7 by Bachelor of Technology Graduates. Our support is limited to problems with any area of your user portal, your hosted domains or your webhosting accounts.

Our SERVICES are available to anyone

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