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There are two main factors to consider when choosing your hosting type, one is the type of site you are building and what it will need and how many visitors will use your site.
You also need to consider how much room you need to store files in your website, and whether or not you will be selling, or making financial transactions from your website, or sending your customers to a payment processor site like paypal.
If you will be taking the payments at your own website you will need an SSL and a dedicated IP.
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So what type of site are you building?
Most websites fall under standard hosting, and unless you need to add an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP for selling AT your website standard plans most probably suit your hosting needs.
If you intend to HOST music, video, or streaming services, have live chat or store files either for yourself or as a website business, you will need VPS. File Storage sites include image/graphic selling sites. Music and video may be embedded in any other hosting type.
If you need unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and etc you will need an unlimited website hosting plan.
Standard Hosting is ANYTHING without SSL, without a dedicated IP, without music and video uploaded TO the site files and can be used for MOST site types, including:
Small business sites
Blogs, Auctions, Classifieds, Business Directories, Portfolio sites, image libraries, affiliate sites, crowdfunding, coupons, daily deals, B2B, B2C, ecommerce (with payments at payment processor site), Articles, Single Page Squeeze pages, price comparison, review sites, agency scripts, and any type of personal site, such as artist sites, band sites, model sites and etc. These are of course just examples to give you an idea.
Ecommerce Hosting is anysite where payments are made AT your website instead of your customers being sent to a payment processor for payment completion.
Sites that have payments ONSITE may only be hosted with ONE DOMAIN name, so you cannot use our hosting types with 3, 5, 10 hostable domains (eg: Unlimited 10 hosting allows you to host 10 websites and domains.)
Cheaphostr has two different ecommerce hosting plans, plan 1 is for a website with a shop only, plan 2 is built as a business website with a shop added to it. Both have unlimited databases and unlimited bandwidth, ftp, email accounts and mailing lists, plus a free domain name. With plan 2 you can add as many other site “areas” as you like, including blogs, image libraries etc.
Unlimited Hosting is for websites that require unlimited databases, and/or unlimited bandwidth, ftp accounts, emails etc. Unlimited hosting is best for sites with high numbers of users, high numbers of page loads, or a lot of site areas, or for member sites, eg: schools, fishing clubs, sporting clubs, online member sites, social networks, dating sites etc.
Unlimited hosting does not mean unrestricted, you cant host sites for others or use it for websites that store large amounts of files, like file hosting sites, or sites that sell images etc. You can’t upload music or video to your site folders, music and video can be embedded from other sources (youtube etc).
Unlimited hosting allows you to “host” different website types under one domain, so you can use your databases to install more scripts.
EG: /blog /images /members /shop /classifieds /business-directory and, of course, unlimited others.
Unlimited hosting is great for building an empire, or if you’re an entreprenuer! Cheaphostrs unlimited sites plan allows you to host unlimited domains in one hosting panel, so you can host one, or host thousands of websites. And create sales leads from one to the other, example, if you have one site about renting cars you can link to another of your websites about buying tyres, or renting boats, and another to car repairs.
Unlimited webhosting at “other” webhosts starts around the $49 a MONTH price, or $548 a year, cheaphostr is $49 a year!
With other hosts 10 sites would cost you $5,480 a year, with NO free domain name or other services included free.
Cheaphostrs UNLIMITED unlimited web hosting plan gives you Fifteen free domain names and unlimited hostable domains for $999 a year.
Small business sites are the normal website type. A STATIC website is a site that once built remains as it is without any changes. These are commonly used by businesses or professionals, where they place information about their business or service, and provide contact and location details. This type of website is similar to an extended version of a phone book listing, except that you can add as much information as you want, place ads on it etc, and allow your customers to find you. Once the site is built there is no more for you to do unless you change phone numbers or address, or need to update any other information. You can add links to your social network pages. Any cheaphostr Standard Webhosting plans work best for these. Or choose a business plan to have cheaphostr build it for you. Choose an ecommerce plan if you intend to sell or take financial transactions AT your website.
This site type also includes business sites (and similar) where you will be adding more and more information either as pages or in a blog. You can add as many site “areas” as you like, like forums, blogs, image libraries, though you will need a database for each and should choose hosting with the amount required. Great for photographers or wedding organisers or just to show off images of your work, or in the case of contractors work they have completed.
Short Term sites.
Wedding Sites, Event Sites, Real Estate or Prestige Items.
If you only need a website for a short time, like to showcase your home for real estate sales choose Budget or Cheap from our standard webhosting plans. There is no free domain name for the budget plan.
Family Sites
Don’t want a website owner to own the rights to your family photographs? Don’t want other people to see family business online? Family Websites can have user accounts per person. If you’re in another country or state your family can see all your latest vacation snaps in slideshows, and read the latest news.
These site types are best with standard hosting.
Selling Online
Whether you’re a shop, or a home delivery service, a dentist or a restaurant taking paid bookings, if you’re taking payments online you need an ecommerce script installed. You have three options:
1. Purchase an ecommerce script where the payments are made at a payment processing website (like paypal). Use standard or unlimited or VPS hosting. These can be installed in ANY domain, subdomain, addon domain or folder on your website provided that you have a database available for it. They do NOT require an SSL or Dedicated IP to use.
2. Purchase one of ecommerce hosting plans that come with a free SSL certificate and free Dedicated IP and free ecommerce script with full installation and setup.
3. Purchase a standard or unlimited hosting account for a SINGLE domain and purchase your SSL and Dedicated IP separately, install a free ecommerce script.
The cheapest option is #2.
SSL and dedicated hosting can ONLY be used for a SINGLE hosted domain. In other words you CANT have other domains hosted in the same account.
Ecommerce sites are ANY sites where you take payments AT your website.
If payments are elsewhere, treat your site as a STANDARD site, so, classifieds, auctions, directory, coupons, daily deals, tickets, paid bookings, donations, crowdfunding and etc.
Music, video, streaming,radio
VPS Hosting only.
You need ffmeg to use music or video. These file types use a LOT of bandwidth (power) and can only be used with VPS hosting plans.
You can add music and video to any other site type provided that they are embedded into pages and the music and videos are NOT uploaded to your site folders.
If you’re a musician and you don’t want ads from other websites displaying on your videos you should choose VPS hosting. You can host your own videos and music files with no ads, or your own ads and own branding. If you’re okay with uploading your videos to youtube/vimeo etc and embedding them to your site pages you can use any hosting type.
chat sites, video chat sites, file storage private/personal website or business files, cloud storage, online SCHOOLS or private tutoring WITH face to face video.
VPS only.
Social Networks and Dating Sites and educational sites
Any hosting type, standard, unlimited or VPS.
IF you will be allowing your users to CHAT or VIDEO chat or you are hosting games for them to play you will need VPS.
Playing LIVE video games online? VPS or game over before it starts.
If you want awesome graphics and fast screens you wont want anything else.
We don’t have to convince you though right?
If you’re promoting the sale of games and not actually playing them on your site and you want to show demos, you are able to use standard hosting IF the video files (demos) are hosted elsewhere (embedded).
If you’re selling from your site and embedding demos choose an ecommerce plan.
Did we mention VPS hosting is unlimited sites? You are only limited by GB storage of files and bandwidth
24 hours online operation
This sounds strange to most, so first, yes your websites will be online 24 hours, even when your own computer is turned off, or you have logged out. So, that’s not what this means (and that just saved our support team from answering a thousand emails!).
Some scripts, like penny trading, and foreign exchange scripts run in automated mode 24 hours a day, keeping a record of all movements of currency. Others monitor weather or storms and, so, need a specific hosting type to run them unmonitored.
If you have a 24 hour script you need VPS.
Supersites or Multisites
The hosting you use will depend on the amount of “sites” you will be adding. Your best option is an unlimited plan as each “site” will need it’s own database. If your supersite, supermall, or super multisite gets too big, just upgrade to VPS.
Programmers, site builders, scripting etc
You don’t need help. Just the facts…
We use super secure LINUX servers. Our servers are hosted in USA for maximum security. Cheaphostr monitors server activity constantly. We never oversell or overload servers and we monitor file types stored to ensure no overloading occurs.
All our hosting plans have phpmyadmin databases with FULL capabilities.
All our hosting plans have mysql, ftp accounts, Apache, Perl, Python and full PHP capabilities.
File manager has full editing capabilities for all file types, including wysiwyg html editors.
And password protect folders etc (full c panel capabilities).
VPS hosting allows you to install any applications required in addition to default applications (java etc). VPS also has ffmeg capabilites.
If you have more questions, or need more info, email our tech guys on support. We speak your language!
IF you’re still in doubt it is likely you are not sure how many databases you will need, or how much diskspace or how much bandwidth you will need.
Most sites only need ONE database and cheaphostrs cheapest hosting plan (budget) has 3.
Diskspace is the total amount of files you have stored in your website folders. IF you already have a website that you are thinking of transferring you can find out the amount you will need by logging into your current c panel and reading the number in the left hand column of your c panels main page. Your bandwidth usage is also there.
Cheaphostr plans have generous amounts of diskspace, so for a standard website you should have plenty of storage area plus plenty left over.
Your bandwidth will depend on how many visitors your site has, and how many pages they load/read/visit. As website owners we all hope this number is as high as it will possibly go! And, some people buy hosting with the highest amount just because they want to be sure they have enough.
You don’t need to do this. Instead, purchase the hosting you think is BEST SUITED for your website type, then in your c panel, keep an eye on your bandwidth usage. If it starts to get close to your limit you can easily upgrade to the next level of higher bandwidth hosting packages.
Then take yourself out for dinner! If you have that many visitors to your website that you’ve exceeded your bandwidth you’re a champion!
Still reticent?
Send cheaphostr an email. Just let us know what you want to do. You’re one simple email away from having your answers.
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