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Website help, help to transfer domain names, help to transfer websites. Help with script installations, help with building business websites, help with webhosting, answers to questions and more.


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How can we help?

Cheaphostr.com is staffed with experts. Our support team are Bachelor of Technology Graduates so there’s nothing they don’t know about webhosting, or about c panel and all it’s components, and about scripts, codes and much more.

We can help you to:
Transfer your domains
Transfer your websites
Backup your files for transfer
Choose the best hosting type for the type of website you wish to host
Find the script that will do what you need it to do (if one’s available!)
Help you find a free script (if one’s is available)
Advise you which is the best paid script (if you’re not sure which one is the best for you!) from your selection.
Tell you if the script you’re thinking about buying is OUTDATED, or wont work with todays technology (eg: It’s not responsive and wont fit tablet or phone screens, or functions wont work.) Some scripts available for purchase are a decade or more out of date and no longer work! Others, like premade scripts with texts already in them you should NEVER use! They’re full of duplicate texts (search that and see why you should never use them!) and links to other peoples websites and product purchases. We may also point you to “real” reviews warning you from using the script, or buying from the supplier!
and more!

Free pre-purchase help:
Transfer your domains – we’ll help you to transfer to cheaphostr, or do it for you.
Help you choose the right hosting type. If you’re not sure what you need, or what bandwidth is, or how much you’ll need, contact us. No matter what plan you choose it will be cheap and with more free extras! Our business and ecommerce hosting plans are unbeatable!

Free help for cheaphostr users
If you have a hosting account with cheaphostr we will transfer your website to your new hosting, including backing up all your databases, folders and files and install them into your new hosting account. FREE. Please note this is limited to your hostable free domains per hosting package, eg: your hosting has one free domain name = one free transfer, ten free domain names = ten free website transfers.
Please note: Most cheaphostr webhosting plans have at least one free domain name, which includes the FREE transfer of that domain to your hosting account and help from cheaphostr to transfer it. It also includes each years renewal fee included with your hosting fee (we pay for it!).

We build your website!

Cheaphostr has a full setup/build service for BUSINESS WEBHOSTING and ECOMMERCE webhosting. We build your website and hand it to you when the build is completed! 100% ready for you to login and start your business! For more information select “webhosting” from the nav bars and choose the type of website you would like built. Our build service is 100% free with these hosting plans and all come with a free domain name and lots of free extras!

Cheaphostr.com standard support
All support queries are dealt with by BTech Graduates and support is available 24/7 for any issues or problems concerning your user portal, your hosting accounts or problems with your domain names.
We answer your questions, and we deal with your issue. We don’t send you to text link information pages!
Your query will always be answered by the same person.
Support is support tickets and email that is manned 24/7. Phone support is coming soon!
Cheaphostr.com Priority support
Priority support is provided to selected webhosting plans at cheaphostr.com, eg: VPS and ecommerce business hosting plans, unlimited 10 and unlimited maxi.
Your support issues are answered as a first priority, meaning they are dealt with first UNLESS there is a major issue that requires our attention.
In other words:
1. Major issue(s)
2. Priority Support
3. Standard Support. (Note: Standard support is answered in order of receiving unless urgent)
Cheaphostr is able to help you with more webhosting services, or support issues that are not covered in any plan or standard service at cheaphostr. These services are available for both cheaphostr members and those who are not members. All will require information from you and a quote from cheaphostr staff for the work. Costs will depend on the amount of work requested. Free quotes are given.

  • Setup website. If you’d like a website other than those we build with our plans, like a classifieds site, or auction site, a b2b or a social network, we can set it up for you.
  • Setup your purchased script. If you bought a script and you’d like us to install it.
  • install scripts (add more, eg: forums, classifieds)
  • add features (slideshows, calendars, social network links etc)
  • fix/repair script issues not covered by support
  • Find a script for you for your purposes
  • computer issues
  • virus removal – we’ll help you clean your computer! – using teamviewer if required.
  • Find a domain name for you
  • customise your website colors designs or create seasonal designs (christmas, halloween etc) or match your site design to your business colors/logos etc.
  • logo design
  • graphic designs
  • branding designs
  • business cards flyers brouchures gift cards
  • qr codes WITH logo (you supply logo image).


  • The works – give us a full list of everything you want on your site.
  • SEO work. One page, selected pages, or fix metacodes and all related seo errors on your site areas. Please note this is not inexpensive or cheap work. It is indepth analysis.
  • SEO texts. If you need ONE page on your website to work for you above all others.
  • make a link wheel that actually works! = the only kind you want!
  • Suggest improvements to your website, ie: how using social media will benefit you etc.

Please note any seo work carried out by cheaphostr is a one time only and NOT a paid monthly plan like other services!
We do NOT use software or any other kind of automated reports. Your issues are looked at by a HUMAN EYE to see exactly what is wrong on your website.
In most cases a simple fix is all that is required, eg: Incorrect meta, or incorrect use of tags.


Yes we can.
Did you know that non-responsive websites, those that wont resize to fit phone screens or tablets, are now no longer added to search engine results. If your website is not able to fit the screen sizes of phones or tablets you will dropped from all search engine listings.
Visitors that do manage to connect to your website May NOT be able to see or click your links.
Cheaphostr staff can COPY your website and convert it to a responsive website. You can choose to keep the exact same design, or update to something more modern.
Contact us for more information or a quote.

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