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Cheaphostr web hosting includes cheap hosting with free inclusions. Get more with your web hosting for less money or included free, with free domain names and free website scripts.


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FREE Domain Names

Free domain names included with your hosting at cheaphostr on all plans except budget and VPS Plans. Cheaphostr.com will pay for the registration, transfer and renewal of your TLD domain name whilever your web hosting is with cheaphostr. The domain is registered in your name and you own it without restrictions. We have no minimum terms of months or years. It’s 100% yours.

FREE with your domain Names
ALL domain names registered through cheaphostr or transferred to cheaphostr, with or without hosting have:
Free email account
Parked domains, or those without hosting receive 50 free email accounts (ie: john@yourwebsite.xyz, accounts@ etc). Free email accounts with hosting have varied amounts eg: 100 free to unlimited free email accounts.
Free Whois Privacy Protection
You can choose to keep your identity private. Your private details such as your name, address, email address and phone number will be hidden from public view, stopping spammers from sending you spam email, and telemarketers from accessing your phone numbers! Anyone looking for information on who owns your domain (or website) will be given cheaphostr.com as the contacting agent.
Free Whois Privacy Protection is available for domains purchased at cheaphostr or transfered to cheaphostr being used in a hosting account at cheaphostr only. Free Whois Privacy Protection is not available with budget hosting plan, vps or web builder hosting plans.
Free Domain Theft lock
Yes your domain name can be stolen. If it’s not locked! Domain Locks disable transfering or moving of domains and this lock can only be removed by you. This is one piece of protection that is a must have! All domains at cheaphostr have Domain Theft lock for you to use free! Just turn it on in your user portal!
Did you know MOST domain hosts or webhosts charge a yearly fee for this “free” service???
Free Domain Parking
If you have purchased a domain and don’t wish to use it for a website or email hosting you can park it with us and still receive a free email account, and free Domain Theft lock.
Other hosts will charge you for these services in addition to your domain name at costs of anywhere from $3 a month or $10-15 a year
free Whois protection is not available on parked domains and can be purchased separately from your user portal or when transfering your domain name to us.

Free with Email Accounts:

All free email accounts have:
Free Autoresponders
Free Email Redirects
Free Mailing Lists – you don’t need to buy the software yourself because we’ve installed it for all email accounts, nor do you need to pay monthly membership fees at a mail hosting website!
Anti Spam filters
Webmail – access your email and email accounts from anywhere in the world!
html capabilities – so you can create email templates for your mails.

A Free business email account is included with our Ecommerce Business hosting plan and our Unlimited triple hosting plan.
A Free Enterprise Email account is included with our Unlimited 10 and Unlimited Maxi hosting account.
For information on what is included in these premium email accounts for business see here
These may also be purchased during checkout with other cheaphostr hosting plans.

Web Hosting

Free domain Name, Free email accounts, Free Scripts, Super Secure Servers, 24/7 support. C Panel, PHPMyAdmin Mysql Databases, FTP accounts, Webdisk, Auto Installers, File Uploaders/downloaders, Editors including html wysiwyg edittors, auto site backup, Manual backup, Perl, AW Stats, Latest visitors, help/instruction texts & videos, IP blocker.

C Panel – a system created for admin control of webhosting to simplify it’s use. C Panel, or control panel, allows you to perform most tasks simply by clicking on the item you want to use. Some typing is required (to name folders, add usernames, email addresses and passwords = normal text entry) but code knowledge is not required to operate the majority of your c panel. That’s why it was invented!
C panel comes with instructional texts (help texts) and with instructional videos that you can pause and rewind as many times as you wish.
A setup wizard will help you setup your c panel with a step by step easy to use guide.

Free Scripts – Choose from 100’s of free scripts to install in your hosted account at cheaphostr. Click the install scripts button and select from CMS, Blogs, eccommerce shops, articles, forums, classifieds, social networks, video hosting scripts and 100’s more! Nothing to pay. Fully licenced for free use!
Auto Installers – After you’ve chosen the script you wish to install simply click the install button, fill in your admin username and password, add your email address and click enter. Your script will be installed in less than a few minutes and your website is ready for you to edit, add texts and images and customise. Auto Installers create all required databases for you!

PHPMyAdmin MySQL Databases
Full developer access and usages of PhpMyAdmin, for building and editting of .sql files, and databases.
FTP Accounts
File Transfer Protocol – Upload and download your site files and images through independant software such as filezilla. No need to log into your admin. Great for allowing coders to work on your site files, and perfect for ecommerce sites where large files are replaced when products or prices change. FTP accounts allow your suppliers to update their products without needing access to your website or your admin areas and without you having to do the work yourself! Make an FTP account for each.
Click on webdisk in your c panel and download and install it on your home computer. You can now access your C Panel from your home computer simply by logging into webdisk.
AW Stats
Use AW Stats to get all the statistical information on your site or sites. Separated into separate months so you can easily see how your website is performing. See full information on times, days, which week, what keywords were used to search for your site, where your visitors came from = from a search engine, or a link on another website, what page they landed on, what pages they read, how long they stayed, where they left from, what country they were from, what search engines have crawled your site(s) and when. If you’re planning on adding a customer “chat” script where you’re available to answer questions you can easily tell what days and times most customers are visiting your website, or know what days and times to pay for advertising in other web locations (ie: If your site has no activity on Tuesdays and thousands on fridays…).

AW STATS gives you MORE information than google analytics?
Google analytics can only tell you what google sees, and cannot report to you what other search engines see. AW Stats will tell you what search engines your visitors are using, including searches made on yahoo, bing, msn and hundreds of others, in countries from all around the world.

Latest Visitors
IP addresses and time of arrival and pages they read, and when they left. If you’re running an ad campaign at www.thatsite.com you’ll be able to see if it’s working for you! No more guessing and no more paying for advertising thats not getting the results you want.
Help and Instructions
Your C panel comes with full text and video instructions for all the functions included. Anything you want to know how to do, or you’re not sure about, the answer is there in easy to follow instructions or step by step video instructions with pause and rewind. C panels instruction manuals are extensive and well documented.


Cheaphostr business web hosting is a build service, meaning that we install and setup your business website for you. If you wish to build one yourself you should choose from either our standard or unlimited plans. Both our business web hosting plans and our ecommerce hosting plans are a build service.
Our Business Web Hosting Plans include:
Stage One=
*Installation and setup of your C panel.
*Setup of your domain name (creating FTP account for, and linking domain to your website hosting account)
*Setup of your admin email account (used for your c panel account)
*Installation of a CMS (content management System)
*Installation of website RESPONSIVE Script – will fit to all computer screens and resize for all tablet sizes and phone screen sizes.
Stage Two=
*Setup Admin of your website. (the backend of your actual website)
*Create 5 pages named by your choice (eg: Home, about, services, location, info, OR Home, products, on sale, features, bookings = whatever wording/page titles you ask for. Note: ALL sites must have a home page but we can name it whatever you want). Note, you can add as many more pages as you want = unlimited.
*Contact Page and form – your website will have an email contact form for visitors to contact you with emails going straight to the email address of your choice. Your contact forms are fully editable and can include tick boxes, dropdown selectors, required fields, phone numbers and everything else an email can do! Note, you can add as many email contact pages as you want (see cheaphostr.com contact pages in navbar) and create a new contact form for each type. You are easily able to add name, address and phone information to this page with the text edittor.
*Seo mod – we install a mod that will allow you to add your keywords and manage your seo content for titles directly from the pages as you write them. NOTE: this inclusion is only available in scripts that allow it, eg: wordpress. Some scripts either do not allow or have these, or you may be required to purchase one, once purchased we can install it for you.
*Social Network Links – we’ll install a simple to use social network link, all we need is your page addresses for each site.
*Email to friend – Visitors to your website can send page URL links to friends by clicking a button to open an email form. The message (which you can change) cannot be changed by the sender. For demo, use cheaphostr.com email to friend located in the sidebar (for computer screens) or at the bottom of your screen for tablets and phones.
*Sitemap – we’ll add a sitemap to your site that instantly notifies the search engines whenever you add more information or edit anything on your website. You wont have to “list” your website with any search engines manually!
*Image library – your website will have a drag and drop image library. Any images you wish to use on your website are placed in the image library. To add them to your site pages simply click the “camera image” above the edittor and when the library opens, click the image you wish to add.
*wysiwyg text editor plus html editor.
Choose which you would prefer to use by clicking the tab. Adding texts to your website pages is as simple as writing an email. Adding images is a simple click!
NOT Included: This is a build service only. We do not add any texts or images or other to your site. You are required to complete the website once the set up and install is completed.


$99 a YEAR includes free SSL, Free Dedicated IP, Free Ecommerce Script, Mailing lists, FTP accounts, Unlimited Email accounts. Fully installed Ready to go. Cheaphostr.com Ecommerce Webhosting is your choice of you build, or we’ll build it. Choose from our free ecommerce scripts or install your own.
Free SSL Certificate. Save money with a free SSL certificate with our ecommerce webhosting plans. Most sellers of SSL sell between $50 and $70. Yours is free with ecommerce hosting.
Free Dedicated IP Address. Usually between $4 and $8 a month, your ecommerce websites dedicated IP is free with hosting.
Free Ecommerce script, or buy your own to install.
Our ecommerce web hosting package has all the features from above (web hosting) and has everything you need to do business online.
This plan is intended for those who wish to open a shop only or shop front as the main website area.

With all the features of our BUSINESS WEB HOSTING plan Plus all the features of our Ecommerce Plan. This is a website build plan where cheaphostr sets up your website for you.
This plan is for those who want a business website as the main area of their site and would like to add a shop or buying area to it, or you can choose to have the SHOP as the main area and your site business pages and blog as secondary.
Cheaphostr will setup your site and link both areas together. Price per YEAR $139 including free domain name, ssl certificate, dedicated IP, free ecommerce script, free business script, free email accounts, free mailing lists (and all inclusions as above in “webhosting” and all inclusions from domain names and emails (above).
Business plus ecommerce hosting plans receive priority support.

All unlimited web hosting accounts provide you with UNLIMITED Databases, unlimited diskspace, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited emails, free scripts and unlimited script installs in your site folders (mysite.com/forums), auto installers and free scripts plus all the features listed above for all our webhosting accounts (see “web hosting” above), plus all features included with domain names (above) and email accounts (above).
Select the plan that best suits you for more add on domains and more subdomains.
Each plan has a free domain, our unlimited maxi gives you unlimited addon domains, unlimited sub domains.
Unlimited = 1 free domain name
Unlimited triple = 3 free domain names
Unlimited 10 = 10 free domain names + Priority support
Unlimited maxi = 15 free domain names + Priority support
Please note unlimited does NOT mean without restrictions. You may not use unlimited hosting for music, video, streaming, chat sites and a few other types, and you may not upload or store music & video files in your folders, and it may not be used for file storage, or file storage sites. If you’re not sure what you need please see the links at the bottom of this page.

VPS hosting is the only hosting that will support music, video, streaming and internet radio type sites. VPS has ffmeg the supports the above applications.

Virtual private servers are the only hosting platform without restrictions as to your site type. VPS hosting can easily support large numbers of visitors, high traffic and bandwidth use, page loads, and is perfect for video sites, music sites, file storage sites, streaming sites and online radio, or any other type of site that you can imagine building.
VPS hosting does not have free domain names.

Cheaphostr.com support is manned by Bachelor of Technology Graduates who know hosting, c panel, coding, the internet and a whole lot more. If you have a problem these are the people you want helping you, whether its helping to answer what type of hosting you need or finding you a script to use for your website.

And more!
Cheaphostr offers free advice to new clients who need some help to decide which hosting plan is best for their purposes. If you’re not sure simply send us an email and tell us what type of site you’d like to build and we can answer those questions for you.
Free transfer help – If you’re transferring your domain names to your cheaphostr user account, or transfering your complete website to cheaphostr we will help you to do it yourself, or, do it for you! (note:does not include free transfers= payment for domain transfers are required for all domain name transfers except where you have purchased a hosting plan that includes FREE domain name transfers and only on the domain extensions listed)
We’ll back up all your databases and files and install them in your new hosting acount for free.
Don’t worry about loosing anything when we do the transfers for you. We guarantee a complete site back up and full transfer of all files without loss (we backup our backups!). We’re very professional and very fast. Your websites will NEVER go offline! Guaranteed!
Free website transfers are available only for cheaphostr customers with a hosting account, and per hostable domain in the hosting plan.

And Still more!
Unlike other webhosts our staff are experts, so if you need some work done on your website, or you need something fixed, customised or changed that isn’t covered under our support inclusions (you want a forum added to your website, or you want your website updated to responsive etc) you can hire us to do it. Just use our contact form and let us know what kind of help you would like and we’ll give you a more than reasonable cheaphostr quote!

And more about domain names
Cheaphostr.com has a domain name suggestion tool to help you find available domain names that suit your website or business. Our bulk domain order tool also allows you to enter up to 15 names to search at a time and will also suggest other available domain names for you.

Anything else?
Well, to be honest, we can’t think of anything. If we could have we would have added it. With the exception of “x” brand adwords credits… (You know you’re paying for those right? They’re just hidden in the cost of your hosting fees? Or all the extras you’re paying for…)

CHEAPHOSTR Web hosting prices are PER YEAR not per month.
ONE payment for 12 months hosting!

Standard hosting
Budget $12 year (no free domain name)
Cheap $24 year
3 sites $69 year
5 sites $109 year
Unlimited Hosting
1 site $49 year
3 sites $145 year +3 free domains
10 sites $449 year +10 free domains
Unlimited sites $999 year +15 free domains
Ecommerce $99 year
Ecommerce plus business $139 year
Business $44 year
Business Triple $99 year
BUSINESS Unlimited $59 year
VPS 20GB $19 month
VPS 30GB $29 month

Cheaphostr web hosting plans are built for specific site types and compiled by web experts to contain everything you need to host your website in one package. We don’t sell hosting by standard, silver, gold etc based on diskspace or bandwidth usage.

more information:
see all web hosting plans on one page – with links to full details
see free scripts
getting started – step by step info
contact cheaphostr – for transfer help or hosting plan options