whats the catch

Cheaphostr.com webhosting plans and services are what you see is what you get. No catches. No surprises. No more to pay. Guaranteed.

Quite simply there are no catches. Cheaphostr.com is 100% upfront with all our services, all of our hosting plans, and all of the features contained in them. And we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee.
Cheaphostr.com uses the services of paypal for transactions and because of this we MUST adhere to the terms and conditions set out by paypal for using their services. If we were to breach those we would not be permitted to have an account or take payments and therefore would not have a business!

Free means free
We don’t use the term free to mean other things, like free trial, or free to download but you have to pay for the item.
Cheaphostr.com has many free inclusions with most plans, domain names and ecommerce platforms.
A free domain name means that cheaphostr will pay for the purchase of the name and for the renewal fees for EVERY year that the website you are using this domain with is hosted with cheaphostr.com. It is registered in your name and you own it 100%.
Your free domain name comes with free whois protection, which other hosts will charge you anything from $4 more per year to add on AFTER you have purchased the name from them.
We’ve even seen registrars with a 1 cent domain name purchase, which is then locked to their services (can’t be transfered), and then with further catches attached to it, such as “must buy hosting” or it will be cancelled, or “must buy whois protection” and “must buy domain lock”, both of which were overpriced at $10 each, meaning the registrar was making a profit HIGHER than the cost of a domain name ($11) +whois($4) lock ($4), total $19. For a 1 cent domain name the client had to pay: $20.01 to use it, instead of $19 for all services. Plus they had to pay for hosting at $30 a month, which is $50.01 for the first month, and then $30 a month, a yearly total of: $360 for hosting PLUS $20.01 for the super super super 1 cent domain name they purchased! They also charged extra for emails and more again for email services. If the client had only purchased the domain name at the regular price, it would have cost around $11-13 only and they would not have had to purchase whois or lock protection. This client would of course have to pay full price for the domain name renewal in all following years at a total yearly cost to them of $391.00 compared to cheaphostr at $24.00 (that’s why we’re called cheaphostr!!!)
Cheaphostr.com plans are PER year, so if the client had purchased the SAME hosting type through cheaphostr.com they would have paid $24 in total, which would have included their domain name and whois and theft lock and an email account.
If the client had purchased only the domain from cheaphostr they would have received free whois and free domain lock and a free email account for the price of the domain name = approximately +/- $11.00 (depending on extension, eg: .com .net)

Our point is, we’ve all seen those types of catches. Cheaphostr.com does NOT have them. Anything you see on our offers is exactly what you will get with no surprises after.

Free Domain Names Disclaimer
Free domain names are available with hosting plans that state free domain names only.
Free domain names are available for TLD (top level domain) names only.
Your free domain name or free domain name transfer must be a domain name with a TLD extension such as .com .net .org .info
or TLD country extension such as .us .com.au .net.au .co.nz .co.uk
For the full list of extension that are included in cheaphostr.com free domain names for webhosting plans and transfers check here.
You are permitted to choose any extension for your webhosting account provided that cheaphostr has it available for selecting. If you wish to use a domain name extension that is NOT included in our list of FREE domain names you will be required to make the payment for that domain names registration and renewal fees. There will be no change in the hosting fee applicable to your plan or services.

No Surprises
You wont join cheaphostr and then find there are things missing from your plans or services that you will need to buy, or upgrade to another plan, to use. Cheaphostr is 100% upfront with everything.
All our plans are built specifically to website types, unlike other hosts that sell “blocks” on their servers by diskspace and bandwidth, cheaphostr plans are built around the requirements for each type of website and everything you need to run that type of site is included with your package.
If you select the incorrect type of hosting platform you may need to upgrade or change however you can avoid this by carefully reading what each package contains and selecting the correct one. Eg: if you’re selling online you will need an ecom package, if youre setting up a movie streaming site you will need vps.

In short, if you have selected a plan that suits your needs you will not have to buy (rent, lease, get etc) anything more to have a fully working site with everything you need, and everything we said was in there.

No More To Pay
Being 100% honest here, there is NOWHERE inside your user portal where extra items/services etc are even available to buy!
You can of course upgrade your hosting package, or buy more, or different services, or buy more domain names, but they would be a “second product” added to your account.
They are not extra items to pay for to add to your original hosting package.
For example:
ALL domains purchased at cheaphostr.com or transferred to cheaphotr.com include free whois protection and free domain lock. They also have a free email account with free redirects, free auto responders and free mailing lists plus webmail so you can access your email account from anywhere in the world. Because it’s all included FREE there are no products left for us to attach a “buy now” to.

100% money back guarantee
If you find anything missing from your selected package after you’ve purchased it that is stated on this website as included or free we will refund you your money instantly.
100% free means free. 100% no surprises. 100% No more to pay. 100% Guaranteed!


1.Cheaphostr.com is not able to make guarantees for, nor be held responsible for, the claims of third party providers, such as the makers and owners of the “free scripts” provided for your usage.
These scripts may or may not have “extras” that have a fee attached to them however all scripts in our free selection have NO cost of purchase. The extra inclusions may include extra capabilities of the script such as social media login pages or adding payments such as direct transfers to your bank accounts instead of using paypal. Other features may be items such as sms notices to opted in customers instead of emails.
Please note:
Scripts are free to download
Scripts are free to use and licenced for free usage.
The scripts will work in the “free” state
Additions are available for purchase IF you require them or want them but are in most cases NOT required to run the script for your website.
2. Cheaphostr.com is an agent for ICAAN which is the governing body for the registration of domain names and as such is responsible for the setting of pricing for domain names in ALL extensions. Cheaphostr.com has NO control over the pricing, or changing of pricing of domain names purchases or renewals.
PLEASE NOTE: Most cheaphostr webhosting plans have a free domain name that cheaphostr pays the registration of (original purchase price) and each years renewals and as such, any price changes will be paid by cheaphostr. In the event of a substantial raise in costs to cheaphostr from the provider for purchase and/or renewal of domain names these costs may or may not require to be added to hosting costs.
IF this occurs you will be notified no less than 28 days prior to any changes.

Cheaphostr.com reserves the right to change hosting packages, the contents of hosting packages, and the features of any and all packages and services at cheaphostr.com.
Cheaphostr.com GUARANTEES and PROMISES that the inclusions and pricing of any package purchased at cheaphostr will NOT be changed during your package(s) TERM of 12 months from the purchase date. Further, cheaphostr.com guarantees that you will be notified not less than 28 days prior to any changes that will take place.
Cheaphostr.com is unable to predict future technological advances that may influence how our hosting platforms are constructed, eg: the past invention of smart phones and smaller screen sizes etc, or a new operating system for database technology.
Cheaphostr is also unable to predict new laws or charges enforced by governing agencies such as new laws instituted by countries or international regulations. ie: The charging of taxes for services by your countries government, or any future monetary extras we are ordered to include in your fees or charges.
Cheaphostr.com is bound to act upon all laws once they have passed into LAW.
OWNERSHIP RIGHTS: The owners of cheaphostr.com have the right to change pricing and plans at any time, including, and not limited to new owners in the event that ownership of cheaphostr.com is changed.

Now after we’ve said that, here’s the plain english version:
Cheaphostr.com has NO intention of changing ANY plans or inclusions in those plans and also has no intention of changing ownership however IF new technoligies become available that change the way we need to provide hosting to you (ie: Current technologies become obsolete =*we don’t have it to offer you, or the new technology is far superior) and higher costs are involved we may require to change or adjust pricing or inclusions accordingly. This could mean that current email technologies have changed and we now have to use a new one, or maybe someone will invent 3d viewing = we cant predict new technological advances! Imagine if a 3d view actually allowed you to see what that new lounge suit looked like in your living room! Or you could look at all the parts of that cars engine before you drive 400 miles to look at it for real!
Ownership changes can happen through sale of the website, or through inheritence (in other words one or all of us meets our maker in person…) and our designated person inherits our property. This person or persons or entity (business, corporation etc) has FULL ownership rights and can make any changes they wish.
You might also like to know that we’ve written into our “inheritence” clauses that the new owner MUST give you 28 days notice of all changes and WILL, if we decide to sell, include this requirement in the sale agreement to the new owner(s).

In a few words…
We wont change anything unless we have to, or unless the cost of providing the service to you is MORE than the price of the service (meaning we would have to pay the difference ourselves).